Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus: Chassis and Engine Specifications

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Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus (1)
Source: Shantanu Autoclicks

In late August 2023, Veera Vahana Udyog unveiled its latest innovation in the bus industry – the Veera Maha Samrat.

This fully built bus, developed indigenously by Veera Vahana for inter-city bus operations, marks a significant milestone for the company.

Veera Vahana has long been recognized among the top five bus body builders in India.

The company has built a stellar reputation with a series of successful bus models, including the Veera V6, V7, and the latest being the Veera V9.

However, the launch of the Maha Samrat represents the company’s first foray into manufacturing bus chassis, signaling a new era for Veera Vahana Udyog as it aims to provide fully built buses to its customers.

Veera Maha Samrat Chassis Details

Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus dashboard

The Veera Maha Samrat chassis boasts impressive specifications, with dimensions of 13,500 mm in length, 1,890 mm in height, and a maximum width of 2,585 mm.

The 13.5-meter bus chassis is certified for a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 18 tonnes

This assures customers of the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.

Built on a ladder frame design, the chassis incorporates top-tier components from global leaders such as Cummins, Eaton, Wheels India, RANE, Meritor Axles, Wabco, and JTAC.

Veera Maha Samrat Engine Specifications

Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus - Back and Front
Source: Hemant AutoclickZ

Under the hood, the Veera Maha Samrat is powered by the Cummins ISB 5.6L, 6-cylinder, BS6 engine, delivering a maximum power of 220 hp and a maximum torque of 850 Nm.

This engine, also used in the TATA 1822/69 13.5-meter bus, ensures easy availability of spare parts, providing added convenience to operators.

Paired with an Eaton 6+1D synchronized manual transmission gearbox, the Veera Maha Samrat offers smooth and efficient performance on the road.

The suspension system, supplied by Wheels India, features full air suspension for enhanced comfort and stability during long journeys.

Seating Capacity & Layout

Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus interiors
Source: Hemant AutoclickZ

The Veera Maha Samrat can accommodate up to 36 sleeper berths in a 2+1 layout, providing passengers with a comfortable overnight travel experience.

Alternatively, in a 2+1 sleeper/seater hybrid layout, the bus can accommodate up to 60 passengers.

For those preferring a traditional seating arrangement, the Maha Samrat offers seating for up to 53 passengers in a 2+2 seating layout.

In summary, the launch of the Veera Maha Samrat represents a significant advancement in the Indian bus industry, showcasing Veera Vahana Udyog’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Veera Maha Samrat Bus Specifications

GVW / GCW 17900 kg
Overall Length 13485 mm
Wheelbase 6925 mm
Chassis Height1890 mm
Emission NormsBSVI
Displacement 5600 CC
Max Power220 Hp @2300 rpm
Max Torque850 Nm@1000 – 1600 rpm
Overall Bus Height4000 mm
Front SuspensionPneumatic Air Suspension
Rear SuspensionPneumatic Air Suspension
SteeringPower Steering
Transmission6+1D synchronized manual
Price (Chassis + Body)~ 75 lakhs
Fuel Tank Capacity 350 liters

Cost of Veera Vahana Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus

Despite our efforts, we couldn’t get through to Veera Vahana to obtain the exact price quotations.

All contact efforts with the company’s promoters failed as their phone numbers remained consistently switched off.

However, a few veteran bus operators informed us that they were given a quotation of around 42 lakhs for the chassis back in 2023.

“With discounts and all, you’re looking at a chassis cost of at least 40 lakhs. Then, you’ll need to add another 35 lakhs for the bus body. So, overall, the cost of the Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter bus will set you back around 75 lakhs.,” says Rishab Phukan, Owner of Baikuntha Transport Service, Assam.

Our take on the Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 m Bus

Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter Bus (3)
Source: Shantanu Autoclicks

Overall, the Veera Maha Samrat 13.5 meter bus appears to be an impressive offering.

Given Veera’s established reputation in bus body building, customers can expect quality craftsmanship in the vehicle’s body.

On the chassis front, Veera has made strategic decisions by partnering with industry leaders such as Cummins, Eaton, Wheels India, Meritor Axles, Wabco, and JTAC, ensuring readily available spare parts.

However, with only a limited number of buses currently on the road, the reliability and performance of Veera Vahana’s new chassis are yet to be fully tested.

For operators located in and around Bangalore, accessing Veera’s services for technical issues may be feasible.

However, for operators from other regions of India, this may pose challenges.

If you are a bus operator reading this, we would like to know your take on the Veera Maha Samrat.

Given the comparable pricing, would you opt for the Veera Maha Samrat chassis, or do you lean towards the established choices from Tata, Leyland, or Bharat Benz?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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