The 5 Best Bus Body Builders in India in 2024

The Indian bus body building industry is probably the largest in the world. With so many players in the field, and all with highly proven capabilities, it’s an uphill task to make a list of the best bus body builders in India.

So to make a well-rounded list we had to consider a lot of factors ranging from craftsmanship and safety innovations to regulatory compliance and client satisfaction.

Specifically, the following factors were taken into consideration while making this list of the best bus body builders in India:

  • Quality of Workmanship: The overall quality of the bus bodies including attention to detail, precision in design and construction, and the use of high-quality materials.
  • Durability and Longevity: Bus bodies that can withstand the rigors of daily operation, various weather conditions, and long-term usage without significant wear and tear.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Adherence to safety and regulatory standards set by authorities like Automotive Industry Standards (AIS).
  • Client Reviews and Reputation: Feedback and reviews from clients who have previously purchased bus bodies from these manufacturers.

Best Bus Body Builders in India

We also want to emphasize that this list of top bus body builders in India is made in no particular order.

All the companies that have made it to this list are time-honored Indian bus body builders and it will honestly be unjust to rank them in chronological order. 

Here’s our list of the top 5 bus body builders in India:

MG Bus & Coach, Karnataka

GliderZ sleeper bus by MG Bus and coach
GliderZ sleeper bus by MG Bus and Coach

MG Bus & Coach is often regarded as the best bus body builder in India. Spearheaded by Mohan V. Kamat in 1996 it is a part of the MG Group. 

The company finds a mention in this list because of the originality of their bus bodies and their unwavering commitment to comfort, safety, durability, and reliability. 

With significant investment in R&D and Product Designing & Development, MG Bus & Coach has crafted models that stand out in terms of taste and styling. 

The company has given more original models to the Indian bus industry than any other bus body building company.  

From Leera, Gliderz to Dreamz and Starz — MG’s First Volvo Luxury Sleeper Coach, MG Bus & Coach has successfully set new standards in terms of aesthetics, styling, features, and comfort. 

Moreover, the company strictly adheres to all prescribed standards of safety, design and comfort while building bus bodies. 

Read in detail about MG Bus & Coach and what makes them the top companies among the best bus body builders in India.

S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd. (Prakash), Karnataka

Capella (L) and Vega (R) built by S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd. (Prakash)
Capella (L) and Vega (R) built by S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd. (Prakash)

There can be no best bus body builders in India list without the mention of S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd., which makes buses under the brand name of Prakash. 

With a legacy that spans more than half a century, S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd., has singlehandedly transformed the bus industry in India.

The company’s latest models Prakash Vega, Prakash Capella and Prakash Astra are unmatched in terms of style and originality and have reinforced its stance as the top bus body builder in India.

Prakash still remains the number one choice of transport companies and fleet owners across India and is the biggest player in the Indian bus body building industry in terms of yearly production. 

In the year 2019-2020, S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd. (Prakash) manufactured more than 2,000 buses. 

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Veera Vahana Udyog Pvt. Ltd., Karnataka

Veera V7 sleeper bus built by Veera Vahana Udyog Pvt. Ltd. PC: Hemant Autoclickz
Veera V7 sleeper bus built by Veera Vahana Udyog Pvt. Ltd. PC: Hemant Autoclickz

Veera Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2004 by Srinivas Reddy.

Regardless of being a relatively younger company, Veera Vahana Udyog has scaled up the ranks rapidly and has today emerged as one of the best bus body builders in India. 

Known for robust bus bodies specifically built for Indian roads, Veera enjoys the patronage of some of the most reputed names from the Indian transport industry. 

Purple Metrolink, Morning Star, Prasanna, VRL, Canara Pinto Travels, Orange Tours & Travels, Neetabus, Siddhagandha Tours & Travels, etc., are a few clients of this coachbuilder.  

The fact that Veera has been successful in achieving what others would have taken decades to achieve speaks volumes about the company’s quality of products. 

This is also the reason why Veera has made it to the list. 

More Like This:

JC Coach Builders Limited (JCBL), Punjab

Caravan by JCBL, one of the best bus body builders in India.
Caravan by JCBL

Launched in 1989, JCBL is one of the biggest bus body builders in the north Indian bus building industry. 

As an extremely professionally managed company, JCBL’s strongest consumer base consists of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Over the years JCBL has been the number-one choice for OEMs like Swaraj Mazda, Eicher, Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, State Transport Undertakings (STUs), etc., – the sole reason why we have featured JCBL in this list.

Sutlej Motors Limited, Punjab

The 5 Best Bus Body Builders in India in 2024
Sleeper buses by Sutlej Motors Ltd.

Established in 1974, Sutlej Motors Limited (SML) is often credited for revolutionizing the Indian bus coach industry with its groundbreaking models in the early 90s.

Today, the company offers a wide range of buses — right from Airport Tarmac Buses, Sleeper Coaches, High Tech Luxury Buses, to School Buses — and is still among the top choice of fleet owners and OEMs across the country.

According to Kulwant Singh Wilkhu, Director of Sutlej Motors Limited, the company aims to build buses that are not only unmatched in terms of safety and strength but also succeed in offering a luxurious travel experience to passengers. 

What do you think of our list of the Best Bus Body Builders in India?

Did we miss out on any names?

Do let us know in the comments.

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