BMTC AI Bus CCTV Camera Helps Crack Swift Burglary Case in Bengaluru

With the assistance of a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus CCTV camera, the city police swiftly cracked a burglary case in northern Bengaluru.

BMTC AI Bus CCTV Camera Helps Crack Swift Burglary Case in Bengaluru. Image of a Bus AI CCTV camera

Bus CCTV cameras and advanced technologies, like AI-based systems, within passenger buses have revolutionized public safety.

They act as vigilant eyes, deterring crime and providing crucial evidence during investigations, ensuring a secure and accountable public transportation system for all.

Recently, in a burglary case in Bengaluru, one such example of advanced bus CCTV camera technology came to light.

In a swift turn of events, Bengaluru’s city police used cutting-edge technology on a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus to crack a burglary case in the city’s north.

Meet Subrato Mandal, a 28-year-old who found himself in handcuffs after allegedly breaking into a home in Patelappa Layout and making off with gold worth a whopping Rs 10.5 lakh along with Rs 75,000 in cash.

What Really Happened?

On August 27, Mandal was spotted prowling around the Dollars’ Colony and Sanjay Nagar areas.

The house’s owner, Ramaiah Shetty, returned home after a two-hour family function only to find their gate ajar and their sanctuary violated.

Imagine their shock when they discovered Rs 10 lakh and 211 grams of gold were missing!

How Did the Bus CCTV Camera Save the Day?

Mandal was a crafty one. He steered clear of cellphones and kept his face out of view of the nearby CCTV cameras. After the theft, he calmly strolled to a bus stand and hopped on a trusty BMTC bus.

The big break came when detectives reviewed the bus’s camera footage.

The star of the show? The Netra device is a super-smart AI-enabled bus CCTV camera system installed on BMTC buses.

The technology tracks license plates and driver activity, and in this case, it led the way. With some clever camera work, the police got the bus number and soon, Mandal’s true identity.

Under questioning, the suspect confessed to his involvement in the burglary.


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The police retrieved 211 grams of gold and Rs 75,000 in cash.

This is a great example of how technology, specifically the AI-based camera system like Netra, can play a crucial role in solving crimes.

The use of BMTC bus camera footage provided the police with a lead they might not have otherwise had, ultimately leading to the arrest of the suspect.

It also highlights the importance of comprehensive surveillance systems in urban areas for enhancing public safety and aiding law enforcement efforts.

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