How a Driver Saved 30 Passengers After BMTC Bus Caught Fire

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Bus News: An alert bus driver saved the lives of 30 passengers after a BMTC bus caught fire at the Anil Kumble Circle in Bengaluru today. According to officials from the BMTC, the bus was operational on route 144E and the fire is suspected to have been caused by a short circuit.

How a Driver Saved 30 Passengers After BMTC Bus Caught Fire

Bengaluru, July 9: A Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus on route 144E caught fire as the bus driver started the engine. The incident occurred around 9 AM at the Anil Kumble Circle on MG Road.

The alert bus driver, instead of panicking, swung to action and alerted all the 30 passengers on board. All the bus’s passengers could disembark the bus before the bus burst out in flames.

The bus driver also informed firefighters who quickly reached the spot.

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The fire and emergency services added that the control room received a call about the incident at 8:51 AM, and they immediately deployed a single fire tender from the South Station to extinguish the blaze.

Videos of the bus, which went viral on social media platforms, show the bus engulfed in flames.

According to BMTC sources, the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. However, the driver and conductor reported that smoke was initially noticed coming from the engine.

The conductor used the bus’s fire extinguisher to control the flames until the firefighters arrived.

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Senior BMTC officials are at the spot examining the reason behind the fire. Proper action will be taken once the report is ready, said the sources in the BMTC.

The bus bearing registration KA 57 F 1232 belongs to the Koramangala depot.

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