LAccMI Scheme Update: Odisha to Add 1623 Buses in Rural Areas

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In the latest news update, the Odisha government will add 1623 buses as part of the LAccMI scheme to connect rural areas to block and district headquarters.

LAccMI Scheme Update

In line with the Central Government’s commitment to sustainable transportation, the Odisha Government has initiated the Location Accessible Multi-modal Initiative (LAccMI Scheme). Launched in October 2023, in association with the Orissa State Road Transport Corporation (OSRTC), the LAccMI scheme aims to seamlessly connect Gram Panchayats to Blocks and Blocks to District Headquarters through buses.

With a dedicated budget of Rs 3,178 crore, the state government plans to operate 1623 buses in rural areas under the LAccMI scheme, which will be operated by the OSRTC.

This move is set to transform the state’s public transport system, benefiting education, healthcare, and economic activities.

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Aim of the LAccMI Scheme

LAccMI Scheme is expected to generate employment opportunities
The LAccMI scheme is expected to generate employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly, totaling 37,652 positions.

The LAccMI scheme in Odisha aims to revolutionize rural travel, focusing on providing affordable access to essential services and opportunities for local communities.

This Odisha Government initiative holds the potential to significantly improve accessibility for an extensive network of 62,291 educational institutions.

Moreover, the LAccMI scheme is expected to generate employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly, totaling 37,652 positions.

Projections suggest a substantial revenue generation of Rs. 45 billion within the next five years.

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Odisha LAccMI Scheme Aligns With UN Sustainable Development Goals

Crucially, the LAccMI initiative aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly contributing to economic development, industrial innovation, infrastructure enhancement, sustainable urban community development, and the promotion of responsible consumption and production practices.

Beyond its socio-economic impact, LAccMI scheme in Odisha also serves as a gateway to unlocking Odisha’s untapped potential for rural tourism, linking picturesque sites such as Bonda Hills and Mahendragiri.

This initiative signifies a strategic and multifaceted approach by the Odisha Government towards fostering socio-economic growth and sustainable development in the region.

Shri Diptesh Kumar Pattnayak, IPS, Chairman-cum-Managing Director, OSRTC, says, “OSRTC, with Palladium as PMU, is immensely proud to have collaborated with the Government of Odisha in bringing the LAccMI initiative to life. This scheme underscores Odisha Government’s unwavering commitment to serving the people of Odisha and fostering inclusive development. As we look ahead, our shared vision is to further expand and make this scheme a huge success, reaching even more communities and delivering enhanced accessibility to all corners of our vibrant state.”

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Key Features of the LAccMI Scheme in Odisha

Odisha LAccMI Scheme Launched: 300 Bharat benz buses added

The core objective of the initiative revolves around establishing connectivity at both block and district levels.

  • Each panchayat will have access to a dedicated Mo Bus service.
  • Mo Buses will initially operate within blocks and panchayats before seamlessly integrating with intercity bus services.
  • The pilot phase of the project has already started in the districts of Kalahandi, Gajapati, and Koraput.
  • Commencing on October 2, the initial phase targets rural areas with limited or no access to public transit.
  • The comprehensive rollout aims to extend services to all regions by January 2024, ensuring widespread accessibility.
  • The LAccMI scheme reflects a strategic effort to enhance connectivity and accessibility in rural areas, laying the foundation for holistic development.

Advantages of the LAccMI Scheme

A tribal woman inside a LAccMI Scheme Update bus
The LAccMI scheme in Odisha aims to revolutionize rural travel, focusing on providing affordable access to essential services and opportunities for local communities.

Timetable: LAccMI Express IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo Bus

This Odisha government scheme promises a slew of advantages including:

  • The scheme focuses on remote areas lacking proper public transit access, with a planned extension to all regions by January 2024.
  • OSRTC currently operates 500 buses on 317 routes. With this scheme, the OSRTC has been advised to enhance its capacity. This will significantly contribute to enhancing public transportation in rural areas.
  • The Biju Gaon Gadi Yojana, established in 2014, will be seamlessly integrated into LAccMI, ensuring a comprehensive and prioritized approach to rural transportation.
  • The utilization of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) will be expanded to swiftly transport trauma patients, ensuring immediate transfer during the critical “golden hour” for those in need of trauma care after traffic accidents.

These strategic measures highlight the program’s commitment to bolstering rural connectivity, providing last-mile access, and prioritizing crucial services like emergency medical transport.

CM Launches 52 Buses Under the LAccMI Scheme in Rayagada District

Commending the residents of Rayagada district, the Chief Minister extended congratulations on the commencement of the LAccMI scheme in Rayagada District on November 25.

Under this initiative, 52 buses are set to operate in the district, reaching every panchayat. The comprehensive service will cover all 182 panchayats, facilitated by the establishment of 300 bus stops.

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