Haryana Roadways strike today: Which depots and routes are affected?

Haryana Roadways strike today (1)

Roadways employees have initiated a statewide Haryana Roadways strike today due to the government’s alleged failure to address their demands.

The unresolved issues encompass a range of demands, including wage disparities, withdrawal of certain orders affecting leave, and the cancellation of permits under the Stage Carriage Scheme.

The strike has disrupted bus services on both local and long routes, including major cities like Delhi, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Hisar, and Panchkula.

As the roadways strike intensified, with an increasing number of employees joining the protest, commuters faced escalating inconvenience due to disrupted Haryana Roadways services.

However, private bus operators have assured the public that they will continue their services without participating in the strike called by Haryana Roadways employees.

Rationale Behind the Haryana Roadways Strike Today

Employees assert that despite ongoing negotiations and agreements between the government and Union leaders regarding their demands, the implementation process falls short.

According to the Haryana Roadways Employees Union, the government had committed to addressing numerous critical demands during a meeting convened on June 23, 2023, in the presence of the Chief Secretary of the Transport Department and other high-ranking officials.

These demands, totaling 30, encompassed issues such as the revocation of permits for the Stage Carriage Scheme and opposition to the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita Bill.

Despite assurances of promptly releasing approval letters for the agreed-upon demands, none have been issued as of today.

Demands of the Haryana Roadways Employees

The Haryana Roadways employees have articulated 30 pivotal demands, ranging from the withdrawal of plans for unlimited bus permits on specific routes to resolving wage disparities among various staff categories.

Additional demands include the revocation of orders regarding earned leave deduction, amendments to the Transport Rule of 1995, formulation of a comprehensive transfer policy, confirmation of permanent status for specific employees, and the introduction of various allowances and promotions.

Here is a list of demands of the Haryana Roadways employees:

  1. Withdrawal of Unlimited Bus Permits: Demand to retract the plan to issue unlimited bus permits on 265 routes. Advocates for a fleet expansion aligned with the state’s population for public benefit.
  2. Addressing Wage Disparities: Urgent resolution of wage gaps for various positions, including conductors, drivers, clerks, and workshop staff.
  3. Revocation of Earned Leave Deduction: Revoke the orders (dated October 30, 2023) deducting earned leave for drivers, conductors, inspectors, assistant inspectors, and workshop staff. Emphasis on compliance with directives dated February 3, 1984 (serial number 4071-86 A2/E4).
  4. Amendment of Transport Rule (1995): Amend the Transport Rule of 1995 to extend the promotion experience for office superintendents, assistant accountants, and junior auditors from 5 to 12 years at the depot level. Implementation of seniority for clerks in line with Trade Head S.S.I. in the Transport Act of 1995.
  5. Formulation of Transfer Policy: Establishment of a transfer policy beneficial to both department and employee categories.
  6. Confirmation of Permanent Status: Confirm the permanent status of employees appointed between 1992 and 2002 from their appointment date and inclusion in the old pension scheme.
  7. Permanent Status for Post-2016 Drivers: Grant permanent status to drivers recruited in 2016 and onwards. Develop a policy for the confirmation of all employees, including 52 helpers under Part-2 in the Dharuhera depot.
  8. Introduction of Adda Incharge Position: Introduce a new position of Adda Incharge and facilitate the promotion of drivers to this role.
  9. Risk Allowance for High-Risk Duties: Provision of a risk allowance of INR 5000 for employees engaged in high-risk duties within the department.
  10. Technical Pay for Workshop and Store Staff: Provide technical pay to workshop and store staff facing deprivation.
  11. Promotion for Workshop Group D Employees (2018): Promote Group D employees working in the workshop in 2018 in the D category separately and promote them to S.S.I. as per Trade Head S.S.I.
  12. Halt to Contractual System in HRISC Gurgaon: Cease the contractual system in the HRISC Gurgaon. Grant all benefits to HRISC employees as a distinct part of Haryana Roadways, recognizing their integral role.
  13. Promotion for Washing Boys and Sanitation Workers: Promote washing boys and sanitation workers in technical vacancies in the workshop. Create positions, including Head, on all vacant roles such as plumber, bore, grass cutter, and sanitation worker.
  14. Permanent Recruitment on All Vacant Positions: Conduct permanent recruitment on all vacant positions, encompassing all categories of workshop staff.
  15. Bonus and Dues Payment: Provide a bonus equivalent to one month’s salary to all department employees and officers, aligning with police personnel. Settle long-pending bonus payments to retired employees, eliminating the term “No Free” from identification letters.
  16. Implementation of 8-Hour Duty: Implement an 8-hour duty as per the Transport Act of 1961, with provision for overtime for duty beyond 8 hours.
  17. Promotion Rules for Conductors: Formulate rules for promotions of conductors similar to the police department, establishing a defined limit for promotions.

Private Operators will Resume Services

After the Haryana Roadways strike was announced, private bus operators stepped into the spotlight as they committed to providing uninterrupted services.

The Stage Carriage Private Bus Association, Haryana, led by State President Sunil Shyoran, reassures the public with the operation of approximately 189 private buses on various routes in the Jind district.

Routes and Depots Affected by the Roadways Strike Today

Haryana Roadways strike today January 2024

The impact of the strike is palpable as roadways employees from multiple depots, including Charkhi Dadri, Jind, Gurugram, and Fatehabad, have actively participated in the strike.

Bus operations in Charkhi Dadri were halted overnight, resulting in a protest at the bus stand. This has led to the suspension of buses on critical routes connecting Delhi, Jaipur, Patiala, and Chandigarh since 4 AM, causing significant distress for passengers. In Charkhi Dadri alone, 145 drivers and 200 conductors are reported to be on strike.

Notably, Every day, about 10,000 passengers travel from the Gurugram depot. The Haryana Roadways strike today could pose a significant inconvenience to thousands of commuters.

The Haryana Roadways strike has thrown the state’s transportation system into disarray, with commuters facing the brunt of service disruptions.

Conclusively, Vinod Sharma, the State President of the All Haryana Roadways Workers Union, has conveyed that a crucial meeting is slated for later today.

During this meeting, the union officials will deliberate and strategize the subsequent steps in response to the ongoing situation.

Stay tuned for further updates as the situation unfolds, and decisions are made in the collective interest of the workers and the state’s transportation system.

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