Timetable: LAccMI Express IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo Bus

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The IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo bus service via Jharsaguda Airport was recently launched by the Odisha State Transport Corporation (OSRTC), marking a significant step in enhancing connectivity between the two educational institutions.

LAccMI Express IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo Bus Timing and route details

– New IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo Bus route via Jharsuguda Airport
– Stops at key institutions like Sambalpur University, VIMSAR, VSSUT
– Departure times: 9:00 AM from IIM Sambalpur, 1:45 PM from NIT Rourkela
– Fares: Re 1/km for female passengers, Rs. 2/km for male passengers

The Odisha State Transport Corporation (OSRTC) has introduced a new Volvo bus service under the LAccMI bus scheme.

This luxurious bus service establishes a convenient connection between IIM Sambalpur and NIT Rourkela via the Jharsaguda Airport.

Launched on March 8, the LAccMI Express Volvo bus service aims to provide seamless transportation options for students, faculty, and other commuters.

Apart from connecting the two prestigious institutions, the IM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo bus service will also pass via several prominent establishments, including Sambalpur University, VIMSAR, Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT).

LAccMI Express IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo bus Details

RouteIIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela
Distance212 kilometers
StoppagesSambalpur University, VIMSAR, VSSUT, Jharsuguda Airport, Kansbahal, Sector-2
Time Taken4 hours
No. of Buses2
FareRe. 1 per km for women, Rs. 2 for men

IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo Bus Timetable

Currently, two buses are operational on this route.

The LAccMI express Volvo express departs at 9:00 AM from IIM Sambalpur to reach NIT Rourkela by 1:19 PM.

Here’s the complete timetable of the LaccMi Express IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo bus service:

Bus StandArrivalDeparture
IIM Sambalpur09:00 AM
Sambalpur University09:11 AM09:13 AM
Burla Bus Stand09:16 AM09:18 AM
VIMSAR09:19 AM09:21 AM
VSSUT09:23 AM09:25 AM
Sambalpur09:35 AM09:45 AM
Bhusan Gate10:21 AM10:23 AM
Jharsuguda10:35 AM10:40 AM
Jharsuguda Airport10:47 AM10:57 AM
Sundargarh11:23 AM11:25 AM
Rajgangpur12:29 PM12:31 PM
Kansbahal12:44 PM12:46 PM
Vedvyas12:58 PM01:00 PM
Panposh01:03 PM01:05 PM
Rourkela Bus Stand01:12 PM01:17 PM
Sector 2 Bus Stand01:20 PM01:22 PM
NIT Rourkela01:19 PM

NIT Rourkela to IIM Sambalpur Timetable

On its way back, the bus departs from NIT Rourkela at 1:45 PM and reaches IIM Sambalpur by 6:09 PM.

Here’s the complete timetable of the LaccMi Express Volvo bus from NIT Rourkela to IIM Sambalpur:

NIT Rourkela01:45 PM
Sector 2 Bus Stand01:47 PM01:49 PM
Rourkela Bus Stand01:52 PM01:57 PM
Panposh02:04 PM02:06 PM
Vedvyas Kansbahal02:09 PM02:11 PM
Kansbahal02:23 PM02:25 PM
Rajgangpur02:38 PM02:40 PM
Sundargarh03:44 PM03:46 PM
Jharsuguda Airport04:12 PM04:22 PM
Jharsuguda04:29 PM04:34 PM
Bhusan Gate04:46 PM04:48 PM
Sambalpur05:24 PM05:34 PM
VSSUT05:44 PM05:46 PM
VIMSAR05:48 PM05:50 PM
Burla Bus Stand05:51 PM05:53 PM
Sambalpur University05:56 PM05:58 PM
IIM Sambalpur06:09 PM

Ticket Price of LAccMI Express Volvo

The fares for the LAccMI Express shuttle service have been meticulously set at a nominal rate to ensure accessibility for all passengers, according to an official statement.

Under this pricing structure, female passengers will benefit from a discounted rate of Re 1 per kilometer, while their male counterparts will be charged a slightly higher fare of Rs. 2 per kilometer, an OSRTC official revealed.

Passengers traveling from IIM Sambalpur to Jharsuguda Airport can avail themselves of the IIM Sambalpur to NIT Rourkela Volvo bus service at an affordable fare of Rs. 164.

Similarly, the fare for the route between NIT Rourkela and Jharsuguda Airport is Rs. 260.

Overall, the introduction of the LAccMI express Volvo bus service by OSRTC signifies a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and accessibility between IIM Sambalpur and NIT Rourkela, benefiting students, faculty, and other commuters in the region.

The Odisha LAccMI Scheme

The Odisha State Government introduced the LAccMI Scheme in October 2023, a transportation initiative with a budget of Rs 7,202 crore.

This initiative is geared towards enhancing connectivity within and across blocks and districts of Odisha.

As part of its long-term vision, the program plans to integrate with inter-city bus services.

With an initial allocation of Rs 100 crore, the scheme is expected to remain operational for a minimum of ten years.

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