Everyone Shot Videos Instead of Helping: Unnao Bus Accident Survivor

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Everyone Shot Videos Instead of Helping: Unnao Bus Accident Survivor

Survivors of the Unnao bus accident, which tragically claimed 18 lives on Wednesday, have recounted their horrifying experiences. One of the victims, Dilshad, 17, expressed deep frustration and sorrow over the response of the bystanders.

On Thursday, as he recovered from his injuries, Dilshad revealed to ANI how onlookers were filming videos of the incident on their phones rather than helping the survivors.

“We were sleeping at the time of the accident and woke up to find ourselves trapped inside the bus. Those who reached the spot were busy recording videos instead of helping,” he said, finding the seeming indifference of the onlookers shocking.

He also revealed the cause of the UP bus accident on Wednesday stating that the bus driver was overspeeding throughout the night.

Dilshad lost six family members in the fateful accident – his father Ashfaq, mother Ruby, sister Gulnaz, uncle Sonu, aunt Soni, and three-year-old brother Suhail.

They were seated on the left side of the bus, which was severely damaged in the collision.

Another Unnao bus accident survivor, Raushan, who was traveling to Delhi with her daughter on the ‘Namaste Bihar’ bus, recounted the terrifying moment of the crash.

“We were both asleep when suddenly we heard a loud noise that felt like a storm or hurricane. Somehow, with the help of someone, my daughter and I managed to escape the vehicle. Our luggage and my phone are still on the bus. We never thought we’d end up on a bus in such poor condition,” she shared.

The Unnao Bus Accident

What Caused the Double-Decker UP Bus Accident Today in Unnao?
The sleeper bus was involved in the UP bus accident today at Unnao. Source: X

On Wednesday, a speeding sleeper bus collided with a milk tanker on the Agra-Lucknow Expressway in the early hours, resulting in 18 fatalities and 19 injuries. Among the deceased were three women and one child, as reported by the police.

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