LAccMI Bus Services Launched In Rayagada

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In the latest news, the LAccMI bus service has been launched in the Rayagada district of Odisha.

Buses of the LAccMI Bus Services Launched In Rayagada

November 25: Commending the residents of Rayagada district, the Chief Minister extended congratulations on the commencement of the LAccMI bus service.

Under this initiative, 52 buses are set to operate in the Rayagada district, reaching every panchayat.

The LAccMI bus services will cover all 182 panchayats of the district. The government of Odisha has also established 300 bus stops for this service.

During the virtual launch, the Chief Minister emphasized that LAccMI Bus Services are poised to bring happiness and transformation to rural transport systems.

The initiative is expected to introduce speed and progress to the lives of people in villages.

Acknowledging the significance of public feedback, the Chief Minister highlighted, “I came to know about the communication problems of the people from the district patrol of the Chief Minister’s office. It was only after that that the LAccMI Bus Services Yojana was started.

Buses of the LAccMI Bus Services Launched In Rayagada

The Chief Minister underscored that LAccMI Buses will not only connect villages, fostering social bonds but will also contribute to the robustness of the rural economy.

Referring to communication as the engine of development, he emphasized that LAccMI Buses will play a vital role in connecting children to educational institutions, farmers to markets, and ensuring patients’ access to hospitals.

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