Optibus Partners with Volvo Buses to Advance Connected Digital Solutions

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Optibus partners with Volvo Buses to enhance access to innovative connected services, improving operational efficiency, fleet management, and sustainability in select markets.

Optibus Partners with Volvo Buses to Advance Connected Digital Solutions

Optibus, a prominent software platform specializing in efficient and sustainable public transportation networks, has announced a strategic collaboration with Volvo Buses, a division of the Volvo Group renowned for its sustainable transport solutions worldwide.

Through this partnership, Volvo Buses will provide customers in selected markets with enhanced access to Optibus’ innovative connected services, integrating digital solutions for improved operational efficiency, fleet management, sustainability, and business transformation.

Bus Operators Will Benefit From the Advanced Software

The Optibus solution represents a cloud-native, comprehensive operating system designed to manage all aspects of public transportation. It covers everything from planning and scheduling to real-time depot operations, ensuring seamless information sharing among drivers and passengers alike.

Addressing the challenges of data connectivity in bus operations, where transferring data between different systems can be cumbersome and time-consuming due to closed data ecosystems, Volvo Buses and Optibus aim to streamline this process. Their joint efforts seek to enhance overall system connectivity and improve user experience by facilitating smoother data exchange and access.

Volvo’s Commitment to Digital Innovations

This collaboration underscores Volvo Buses’ commitment to leveraging digital technologies to enhance the value and innovation of public transportation. Vinicius Gaensly, Business Development & Partnerships Director at Volvo Buses, emphasizes their strategy to forge partnerships with leaders in digital development to strengthen their connected services.

Amos Haggiag, CEO and co-founder of Optibus, highlights the necessity for specialized platforms to support bus operators’ digital transformation. He expresses optimism about enhancing capabilities through the partnership with Volvo Buses, fostering strategic learning opportunities, and driving innovation for improved service delivery and passenger experience.

“Optibus’ software solution is an excellent complement to Volvo Buses’ connected services offering. We see great opportunities to leverage vehicle data to further enhance the value brought to clients, including better operational insights and an easier way of planning more sustainable, efficient services,” said Amos Haggiag.

Volvo Buses Partners with Stoneridge

Optibus Partners with Volvo Buses to Advance Connected Digital Solutions
From left to right: Vinicius Gaensly, Volvo Buses, Andre Carvalho, Stoneridge, Marcus Anemo, Volvo Buses, Oren Arieli, Optibus, and George Belias, Optibus.

Volvo Buses has also partnered with Stoneridge for advanced vehicle safety and intelligence. Stoneridge’s fuel advice solution leverages vehicle-generated data and applies artificial intelligence to help operators reduce fuel consumption proactively.

By automatically generating suggestions based on system data, it promotes eco-friendly driver actions without requiring manual data processing.

Developed in collaboration with Volvo Buses and key customers, this solution aims to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability in public transportation.

“Our strategy is to create partnerships with companies at the forefront of digital development that will further strengthen our connected services offer. Both Optibus and Stoneridge today have solutions that will improve our customers’ businesses,” says Vinicius Gaensly, Business Development & Partnerships Director at Volvo Buses.

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