Cummins X15 Diesel Engine Announced on HELM™ 15 liter Platform

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Crafted on the advanced HELM™ “fuel agnostic” platform, the Cummins X15 diesel engine presents a versatile solution designed to operate on distinct single fuels. Leading this lineup is the X15N variant, engineered to run on natural gas. The HELM™ platform also encompasses the B and X10 engine platforms.

Cummins X15 Diesel Engine on HELM™ 15 liter Fuel Agnostic Platform

Cummins has announced the upcoming launch of its next-generation Cummins X15 diesel engine, marking a significant addition to the Cummins HELM™ 15-liter “fuel agnostic” platform.

The new X15 engine will comply with US EPA and CARB 2027 emission regulations, affirming Cummins’ commitment to environmental standards.

Tailored for the heavy-duty on-highway market in North America, the next-generation Cummins X15 diesel engine will inherit the same impressive ratings as its predecessor, boasting up to 605 horsepower and 2,050 ft-lb of torque.

Cummins X15 Diesel Engine Specifications

With the forthcoming launch of the advanced Cummins diesel X15 engine, the company aims to enhance both greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency, building upon its legacy of excellence.

Despite these advancements, the new X15 engine will maintain the same impressive performance ratings as its predecessor, offering up to 605 horsepower and 2,050 ft-lb of torque.

Notably, the engine will be meticulously engineered for seamless powertrain integration with Eaton Cummins transmissions and Cummins-Meritor drivetrains, ensuring optimal performance and reliability on the road.

The next generation X15 diesel engine has been meticulously designed with Cummins’ fully integrated powertrain in mind.

The X15 architecture incorporates a belt-driven, high-output 48-volt alternator and aftertreatment heater solution, specifically tailored to meet the ever-evolving requirements of stringent emission standards.

Customers using EX ratings with Eaton Cummins Endurant transmissions, GPS look-ahead data, and Cummins Meritor components will enjoy improved fuel efficiency and drivability.

Features such as predictive gear shifting, on-ramp boost, and hill roll-out optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption for a superior driving experience.

Low Carbon Diesel Fuels

Cummins X15 Diesel Engine Specifications

In line with Cummins’ commitment to sustainability, the new Cummins X15 engine is designed to accommodate low-carbon diesel fuels.

It can effectively utilize biodiesel blends of up to 20% and renewable diesel blends of up to 100%.

Cummins has been at the forefront of embracing renewable fuels and remains dedicated to furthering the adoption of higher biodiesel blends and renewable diesel.

These low-carbon diesel fuels have demonstrated effectiveness in reducing the carbon intensity of diesel fuel consumption.

Moreover, they are readily accessible within the existing fueling infrastructure, facilitating their widespread use in today’s transportation sector.

Eaton Cummins Endurant

Eaton Cummins Endurant transmissions, including the Endurant HD and XD series, are optimized to integrate seamlessly with the next-generation X15 powertrain.

These transmissions enhance efficiency and performance while ensuring a comfortable driving experience.

They boast best-in-class transmission lube change intervals of up to 750,000 miles and offer remote diagnostic capabilities.

Cummins-Meritor Drivetrain Systems

Cummins X15 Diesel Engine Powertrain

Cummins-Meritor drivetrain systems, such as the Cummins-Meritor 14X™ HE tandem drive axles, are engineered for superior performance, durability, and fuel efficiency.

Equipped with a proprietary Meritor lube management system (MLMS), these axles feature fast ratio options, fuel-efficient bearings, and high-efficiency spiral bevel gearing.

Additionally, Cummins-Meritor Permalube™ RPL drivelines reduce maintenance requirements and are capable of handling the high torque demands of modern downsped engine platforms.

What are the Cummins HELM™ Platforms?

The Cummins HELM™ platforms comprise multiple engine versions derived from a shared base engine, resulting in a commonality of certain components below the head gasket.

However, above the head gasket, each engine version boasts distinct components tailored to its specific fuel type.

Operating on a single fuel, each engine version offers unique capabilities.

The Cummins X15N, for instance, represents the natural gas variant and serves as the inaugural engine on the Cummins HELM™ platforms accessible to customers.

Notably, the HELM™ platforms encompass a range of engine platforms, including the B, X10, and Cummins X15 engine platforms.


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