New KSRTC Rules 2024: Fines up to Rs 5000, Passengers can send videos through WhatsApp

The new KSRTC rules redefine conduct standards for employees, empowering passengers to document misconduct using mobile devices. Complaints can now be lodged conveniently via email, WhatsApp, or control numbers.

New KSRTC Rules 2024: Fines up to ₹3000, Passengers can send videos through WhatsApp

The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has unveiled a fresh set of guidelines to enhance accountability and conduct among its drivers and conductors.

These directives, issued by CMD Pramoj Shankar, reflect KSRTC’s commitment to prioritize customer satisfaction and maximize the corporation’s revenue collection.

The new KSRTC rules of 2024 outline a series of instructions for its employees while also empowering passengers to play a more active role in ensuring adherence to regulations.

Passengers now have the ability to document any violations by KSRTC drivers using their mobile phones and include this evidence when filing complaints.

Moreover, complaints can be lodged through email, WhatsApp, or by dialing control numbers. The KSRTC assures that strict action will be taken against drivers based on such evidence.

The KSRTC has recently issued an order granting increased authority to unit heads to expedite actions. This new arrangement comes amidst the suspension of operations at district-level offices.

From now on, KSRTC will also implement fines for various offenses committed by its employees including, misconduct towards passengers, sleeping while on duty, and deviating from designated routes.

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New KSRTC Rules for Drivers and Conductors

Here are the new KSRTC rules for drivers and conductors:

  • Stoppage Flexibility: KSRTC buses, up to the Super Fast class, will make stops at the discretion of long-distance passengers between 10 pm and 6 am.

    Female passengers, excluding those on the ‘Minnal’ service, can request stops at any point between 8 pm and 6 am.

    Additionally, drivers are instructed to stop for any person waving at the bus, provided there are available seats.
  • Passenger Assistance: Conductors are required to assist the elderly, children, differently abled, and those struggling to board or exit the bus.
  • Restroom Stops: Buses are only permitted to stop at hotels with clean restroom facilities, with schedules for these halts visibly displayed.
  • Pre-Duty Checks: Drivers and conductors (excluding women) must undergo a breathalyzer test before being assigned duties.
  • Safety Priority: Drivers are urged to prioritize pedestrian and vehicle safety, recognizing the value of every life on the road.

Fines Imposed on KSRTC Drivers and Conductors

KSRTC has also announced a list of fines for drivers and conductors who fail to comply with the established rules and regulations. These fines serve as penalties for various infractions committed during bus operations.

Here is the complete list of offenses and subsequent fines imposed on KSRTC drivers and conductors:

Driver Offences

  • Drivers causing difficulties to passengers will face a fine of Rs 1000.
  • Penalties will be doubled for repeated offenses, such as failing to stop at designated bus stops.

Conductor Offenses

  • Misbehaviour towards passengers will result in a fine of Rs 500.
  • Sleeping while on duty will incur a Rs 1000 fine for conductors.
  • Deviating from designated routes or skipping service roads will lead to a Rs 1000 penalty for drivers.

Ticket Issuing Fines for Conductors:

  • Failure to issue a ticket due to rush or other reasons will result in fines based on the number of passengers onboard.
  • Fines include Rs 5000 for buses with 30 passengers, Rs 3000 for buses with 47 passengers, and Rs 1000 for buses with over 65 passengers.
  • Conductors may face departmental disciplinary action for not issuing tickets on buses with less than 20 passengers

In conclusion, the newly introduced rules by KSRTC aim to enhance accountability and conduct standards among its employees, particularly drivers and conductors.

With fines imposed for various offenses and provisions allowing passengers to report violations, the corporation emphasizes passenger safety and satisfaction.

These measures underscore KSRTC’s commitment to improving service quality and ensuring a positive travel experience for all passengers.

How to Register a Complaint Against KSRTC Employees?

There are a few ways you can register a complaint against KSRTC employees depending on the nature of your grievance:

  • Email: For general complaints:
  • Phone: Call Center (All India): 080-26252625 (24 hours) 
  • WhatsApp: If your complaint is regarding rash driving or dangerous driving by a KSRTC driver, or any violation by KSRTC employees you can send a WhatsApp message with details (including any visuals if possible) to 91886193800.

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