Video of Prakash Bus Body Builders’ shoddy paint quality goes viral

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A video showcasing the poor paint quality of a bus manufactured by Prakash Bus Body Builders, Bangalore has since gone viral. The video has raised concerns and prompted questions regarding the lapse in their typically high-quality workmanship.

Prakash Bus Body Builders' paint peeling off
Screengrab of the video showing paint being peeled off the Prakash Bus Body Builders’ built bus like duct tape.

S.M. Kannappa Automobiles (P) Ltd., popularly known as Prakash Bus Body Builders, is a renowned name in the industry and is widely regarded as one of the best bus body builders in India.

Since its inception in the year 1968, the company has achieved several milestones in the bus body building industry in India.

Over the history of its operations, Prakash Bus Body Builders has earned a reputation for its fine craftsmanship and commitment to high-quality work, making it the preferred choice of most reputed bus operators in India.

However, a recent video showcasing the poor paint quality of a Prakash tourist bus has surfaced on social media, questioning the quality of its paint.

Viral Video of Prakash Bus Body BuildersPaint Quality

A viral video showcasing the dismal paint quality of a bus manufactured by Prakash Bus Body Builders has sparked outrage and concern among bus operators and industry experts alike.

The video, which has been making rounds on social media platforms, depicts a distressing scene where a person is seen effortlessly peeling off large chunks of paint from the bus with his bare hands, akin to peeling off duct tape.

The incident has raised serious doubts about Prakash Bus Body Builders’ paint quality.

As the paint peels off like a poorly applied adhesive, the frustrated voice of a man, presumably the bus owner, can be heard expressing dismay, questioning, “Is this what we get after spending 20 lakhs and waiting for 4 months?”

Since being posted, the video has gone viral on social media and has put the spotlight on Prakash Bus Body Builders.

The video has prompted industry insiders to question the integrity of their manufacturing processes and the materials used in their buses.

Why is the Bus Paint Peeling off?

Ideally, automotive paint peels off like this because of poor adhesion to the surface.

This can happen due to improper surface preparation, such as inadequate cleaning, sanding, or lack of proper primer application.

Before painting a bus, the surface needs a thorough cleaning and sanding to remove dirt, grease, and any loose or flaking paint.

If this wasn’t done, the paint wouldn’t adhere well to the substrate, the GI sheet in this case, causing the paint to peel off in big chunks.

To gain a deeper insight into the matter, we reached out to a few industry experts for their perspectives.

According to them, the issues observed in the video may stem from various factors, including inadequate surface preparation, subpar paint quality, or insufficient application techniques.

According to Ankur Sharma, Managing Director, Rock Tech Auto Pvt. Ltd., this could happen because of improper surface cleaning and priming before painting.

“This situation serves as a prime example of a common problem that arises when the surface isn’t properly sanded before applying primer,” he explains. “As a result, there’s a lack of proper bonding between the paint and the surface it’s applied to, which causes the paint to peel off.”

We are awaiting the inputs from a few other industry stalwarts. We will update the article as soon as we receive it.

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