Nagerjala Bus Stand’s Brand New Terminal Building Inaugurated

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Tripura Chief Minister inaugurates the new terminal building at Nagerjala Bus Stand, highlighting government efforts in infrastructure development and road safety measures.

Nagerjala Bus Stand's Brand New Terminal Building

Tripura’s Chief Minister, Manik Saha, unveiled the new terminal building at the Nagerjala bus stand in Agartala on Tuesday, aiming to enhance public services through modern infrastructure.

During the inauguration, CM Saha emphasized the state government’s commitment to improving facilities for citizens by developing advanced infrastructure.

He also highlighted the significance of transforming the once-fallen water body of Nagerjala into a functional space for the community.

The Chief Minister praised the current government’s constructive approach in utilizing such areas for public welfare, contrasting it with past issues between workers and owners.

He stressed the benefits that long-distance passengers would reap from the inauguration of the new terminal building.

Addressing concerns over rising road accidents, CM Saha urged bus operators to adhere to traffic rules to prevent mishaps.

He underscored the need for drivers to exercise caution and follow regulations to curb accidents effectively.

CM Saha affirmed the state government’s commitment to comprehensive public welfare by expressing trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development initiatives.

He highlighted the launch of the ‘Amar Sarkar‘ web portal, enabling citizens to report local issues for swift resolution.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the presence of Transport Minister Sushant Chowdhury, Agartala Pur Nigam Mayor Deepak Majumdar, Pur Nigam Corporator Abhijit Mallick, and TRTC Chairman Balai Goswami.

The construction of the new terminal building of the Nagerjala bus stand cost approximately 16 crore 88 lakh rupees.

Through the development of the Nagerjala bus stand and other initiatives, Tripura aims to enhance public services and foster overall socio-economic growth in the region.

Via ANI.

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