2 DTC Buses Collide at Sansad Marg, 6 Injured

2 DTC Buses Collide at Sansad Marg, 6 Injured

In a harrowing incident, two DTC buses collided at Sansad Marg, resulting in injuries to six individuals, including the drivers.

The accident occurred near the Parliament Street police station on Wednesday. Promptly responding to the incident report around 11.15 a.m., law enforcement officials arrived at the scene to discover the two DTC buses significantly damaged.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi), Hemant Tiwari, confirmed that all injured parties were promptly transported to a medical facility, where they received initial medical assistance and were subsequently discharged.

The injured individuals were identified as drivers Sandeep Kumar (43) and Sanjay Kumar (48), conductors Jagdeep Singh (30) and Rahul (32), as well as passengers Rupesh Kumar (31) and Mohammad Tanvir (48).

Hemant Tiwari stated that appropriate legal measures are being taken in response to the incident.

Photographs of the buses display the substantial damage sustained by both vehicles, with shattered windshields being among the evident consequences.

An eyewitness named Jagpal Singh recounted that the collision between the buses happened as the drivers swerved to avoid a motorcyclist who had unexpectedly made a turn.

Singh remarked that the buses were traveling at reasonable speeds, noting that the outcome could have been more severe and inflicted more harm upon passengers had the buses been moving at higher velocities.

With the assistance of the police, the drivers were successfully rescued from the situation.

The injured drivers were taken to a nearby medical facility.

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