DTC Bus Route 928 Stoppages from Garhi Randhala to Old Delhi Railway Station

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DTC Bus Route 928 route and stoppage details

The Delhi Transport Corporation has reintroduced the DTC Bus Route 928 from Garhi Randhala to Old Delhi Railway Station.

With the initiation of bus routes, residents residing in Gadhri Randhala village, Nizampur, Savda Ghevara, Mundka, and adjacent areas will benefit from enhanced accessibility to ISBT-Kashmiri Gate and Old Delhi Railway Station for their commuting needs.

Transport Minister of Delhi, Shri Kailash Gahlot, took to Twitter to announce that the Delhi Government has acknowledged the challenges faced by the public due to the suspension of services on Bus route number 928.

In response, he promptly initiated the resumption of bus services on route 928 from Nizampur village.

During the inauguration event, Transport Minister Shri Kailash Gahlot emphasized the significance of public transportation as the backbone of any city.

He noted that approximately 43 lakh people in Delhi rely on buses for their daily commute.

Highlighting the discontinuation of bus services on route number 928 from Gari Randhala village to Old Delhi Railway Station, he promptly instructed the resumption of the service upon learning about it, prioritizing the needs of the people.

He reiterated the commitment of the Delhi Government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal, to offer safe, comfortable, and world-class public transportation options, ensuring hassle-free daily commutes for Delhi residents.

DTC Bus Route 928 Overview

Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot at the launch of DTC Bus Route 928
Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot at the launch of DTC Bus Route 928

DTC Bus Route 928, spanning a total length of 35.1 kilometers, will be serviced by a fleet of 5 buses, ensuring a service frequency of every 38 minutes.

This route will serve as a vital link, seamlessly connecting rural villages to major urban centers. It will act as a lifeline for Garhi Randhala, Nizampur, Sawda, Ghevra, and Mundka residents, providing essential access to industrial zones such as Peeragarhi and Nangloi.

Notably, it will facilitate convenient travel to Kashmere Gate ISBT, enabling effortless intercity commuting. Moreover, route 928 will enhance connectivity to Punjabi Bagh and strengthen access to the historic Old Delhi Railway Station.

This route will serve as a crucial bridge for commuters, ensuring seamless first and last-mile connectivity to nearby metro stations at Ghevra and Mundka.

DTC Bus No 928 Route Details and Stoppages

Find below the complete route details of DTC bus No 928 from Garhi Randhala to Old Delhi Railway Station along with the stoppages:

Certainly! Here’s the return journey table from Stop 57: Garhi Randhala to Stop 1: Kashmiri Gate:

Stop 57: Garhi RandhalaStop 36: Sultan Puri Xing
Stop 56: Garhi Randhala VillageStop 35: Nangloi JJ Colony No-3
Stop 55: Garhi Randhala SchoolStop 34: Nangloi Depot
Stop 54: Nizam Pur VillageStop 33: Nangloi JJ Colony No-4
Stop 53: Nizam Pur SchoolStop 32: Inder Enclave
Stop 52: NizampurStop 31: Udyog Nagar
Stop 51: Sadada Village-I&IIStop 30: Peera Garhi Chowk
Stop 50: Ghevra VillageStop 29: Paschim Vihar Super Bazar
Stop 49: Ghevra Railway XingStop 28: Multan Nagar
Stop 48: Ghevra XingStop 27: New Multan Nagar
Stop 47: Hiran Kudna XingStop 26: Ordinance Depot
Stop 46: Mile Stone FactoryStop 25: Madi Pur JJ Colony
Stop 45: Mundka SchoolStop 24: Madi Pur Village
Stop 44: Mundka VillageStop 23: Madi Pur
Stop 43: Mundka XingStop 22: SPM College
Stop 42: Swarna ParkStop 21: Shivaji Park (Punjabi Bagh)
Stop 41: Rajdhani ParkStop 20: Punjabi Bagh Terminal
Stop 40: Kamaruddin Nagar XingStop 19: Ram Pura
Stop 39: Lokesh CinemaStop 18: Rampura (Ashoka Park)
Stop 38: NangloiStop 17: Zakhira Fly Over
Stop 37: Sultan Puri XingStop 16: Daya Basti
Stop 36: Nangloi JJ Colony No-3Stop 15: Anand Parvat Industrial Area
Stop 35: Nangloi DepotStop 14: Sarai Rohilla
Stop 34: Nangloi JJ Colony No-4Stop 13: Liberty Cinema
Stop 33: Inder EnclaveStop 12: Tibia College
Stop 32: Udyog NagarStop 11: Guru Govind Singh Marg(New Rotak Rd.)
Stop 31: Peera Garhi ChowkStop 10: Model Basti
Stop 30: Paschim Vihar Super BazarStop 9: Filmistan
Stop 29: Multan NagarStop 8: Bara Hindu Rao
Stop 28: New Multan NagarStop 7: Azad Market (DCM)
Stop 27: Ordinance DepotStop 6: Ice Factory
Stop 26: Madi Pur JJ ColonyStop 5: St. Stephen Hospital
Stop 25: Madi Pur VillageStop 4: Tis Hazari Court
Stop 24: Madi PurStop 3: Mori Gate
Stop 23: SPM CollegeStop 2: Kashmiri Gate
Stop 22: Shivaji Park (Punjabi Bagh)Stop 1: Kashmiri Gate
Five buses will operate on the route, with a service frequency of one bus every 38 minutes.

DTC 928 Bus Ticket Price

The ticket prices of the DTC bus route 928 990C bus are at par with either buses run by the DTC. The kilometer-wise ticket prices of DTC buses are as follows:

DTC Bus Ticket Price Non Ac Bus

DistanceFare for AdultsFare for Children
Up to 4 kilometersRs 5.00Rs 3.00
From 4 kilometers to 10 kilometersRs 10.00Rs 5.00
Beyond 10 kilometersRs 15.00Rs 8.00

DTC Bus Ticket Price Ac Bus

DistanceFare for AdultsFare for Children
Up to 4 kilometersRs 10.00Rs 5.00
From 4 kilometers to 8 kilometersRs 15.00Rs 8.00
From 8 kilometers 12 kilometersRs 20.00Rs 10.00
Above 12 kilometers & Limited/Night ServicesRs. 25.00Rs 13.00

Commuters can also use their DTC bus pass on this route.

As of now, the Delhi Government owns a total of 7,582 buses. Out of these, 4,441 are operated by DTC, while 3,141 are managed by Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS).

Additionally, there are 1,650 electric buses currently in service across Delhi.

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