Kadamba Tap and Go Electric Buses: 42 Buses to Start From November

Know all about the London-style Kadamba Tap and Go Electric Buses, including routes and the ticketing system technology.

Kadamba Tap and Go Electric Buses resting in Panjim
Source: Swapnil Kocharekar

Goa’s Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL) is set to roll out a batch of ‘tap and go’ electric buses in Panaji. Inspired by London’s ‘tap and go’ buses, this user-friendly service is slated for a late November launch, after the conclusion of the ongoing National Games.

Financed through Smart City funds, the Kadamba Tap and Go electric bus project is expected to incur a cost of ₹45 crore. In addition to enhancing convenience for commuters, the electric bus initiative aims to lessen dependency on private vehicles, promoting a more sustainable mode of transportation.

According to an official statement, KTCL is committed to providing viable alternatives and additional options to decrease reliance on private vehicles. This, in turn, will improve the cleanliness and effectiveness of Panaji’s transportation system.

Moreover, these buses will be disabled-friendly, featuring retractable ramps for those with mobility impairment.

Built by PMI Electro Mobility, 32 electric buses, out of the 48 planned, have already arrived in Panaji.

What are Conductor-Less Tap and Go Buses?

Conductorless “tap and go” buses are equipped with advanced electronic ticketing systems that allow passengers to board and pay for their rides without the need for a traditional conductor or ticket collector.

Instead, passengers simply tap their contactless smart cards, mobile devices, or other electronic payment methods on a card reader when entering the bus.

This technology streamlines the boarding process, reduces the need for manual ticket handling, and improves the overall efficiency of the public transit system.

It’s akin to a cashless, automated ticketing system designed to enhance convenience for commuters and optimize the operation of public buses.

For these Kadamba Tap and Go electric buses, passengers will need to acquire a digital ticket. Boarding will be granted only after scanning the presented QR code on the scanner.

To facilitate this effort, a renowned technology company will supply ticket machines at bus stops, further simplifying the ticketing process.

This initiative seeks to make commuting more seamless and user-friendly.

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Kadamba Tap and Go Electric Bus Routes

As revealed by KTCL, the new Kadamba electric bus routes encompass several vital destinations in the region, providing a convenient transportation option for commuters.

The most important service is the Ring Service, which links Panaji with Dona Pavla, Talgaon, and Altinho.

Additionally, there are routes connecting Panaji Market to Talgaon, KTC Bus Stand to Talgaon via Santacruz and Pato Plaza, Miramar to Panaji Market to Sant Inez, and Panaji to Bamboli.

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