New Bharat Benz dealership in Indore launched by PPS Trucking

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DICV has rolled out a new Bharat Benz dealership in Indore in partnership with PPS Trucking, an authorized dealer of Bharat Benz. This is the 17th Bharat Benz dealership in Madhya Pradesh.

New Bharat Benz dealership in Indore launched by PPS Trucking

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, has expanded its network in Madhya Pradesh.

The commercial vehicle major has launched a new Bharat Benz dealership in Indore by partnering with PPS Trucking.

This new 3S (Sales, Service, and Spares) dealership marks the 17th Bharat Benz sales and service location in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The existing 16 locations are across Indore (Rau), Bhopal, Jabalpur, Bela, Katni, Shivpuri, Singrauli, Chattarpur, Sagar, Manawar, and Gwalior.

Additionally, the state boasts six 2S (Service and Spares) and four 1S (Spares) facilities strategically positioned to cater to diverse customer needs throughout the region.

New Dealership Bolsters Bharat Benz’s Network

The new PPS Trucking Bharat Benz dealership in Indore spans 51,000 sq-ft, and has bolstered Bharat Benz’s sales and service network in Madhya Pradesh.

With 15 Mobile Service Vans (MRVs) and 49 service bays, capable of servicing up to 24,000 vehicles annually, this comprehensive network ensures prompt and efficient service delivery, enriching the overall ownership experience for customers.

Future Plans

DICV aims to not only expand its sales and service network in Madhya Pradesh but also prioritize educating dealers and service staff on understanding and meeting the unique needs of customers while delivering unmatched service quality.

Bharat Benz imparts nationwide training to ensure top notch quality of service across over 350 locations in India. This approach is mirrored in the company’s nationwide initiative to skill 8,000 service technicians who would be trained to service over 6 lakh vehicles annually.

Bharat Benz imparts nationwide training to maintain top-notch service quality across its 350+ locations in India.

This initiative is reflected in the company’s nationwide program to train 8,000 service technicians annually, ensuring their capability to service over 600,000 vehicles with excellence.

Commenting on the Launch of Bharat Benz dealership in Indore

Bharat-Benz-dealership-in-Indore-inaugural pics

Sreeram Venkateswaran, President, and Chief Business Officer (Domestic Sales and Service) at Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, emphasized the significance of the Madhya Pradesh market, citing its abundant natural resources.

He highlighted the preference for Bharat Benz tippers among fleet owners in the mining sector, with Madhya Pradesh offering substantial growth opportunities in this segment due to its rich mineral and coal reserves.

“We are really pleased to have such a strong and progressive sales and service in 15 locations in Madhya Pradesh, and we thank our dealer partners for maintaining our presence and serving our customers so passionately,” says Sreeram Venkateswaran, President & CBO, DICV

Rajiv Sanghvi, Managing Director of PPS Trucking, expressed enthusiasm about enhancing their partnership with Bharat Benz in Madhya Pradesh through the launch of the new 3S facility in Indore.

“With the Best-in-Class products of Bharat Benz coupled with our understanding of customer needs, we endeavor together to provide a superior ownership experience for our customers,” says Rajiv Sanghvi, Managing Director, PPS Trucking.

Overall the expansion of Bharat Benz’s sales and service network in Madhya Pradesh, highlighted by the inauguration of the new 3S facility in Indore, reflects a strategic commitment to meeting the evolving needs of customers in the region.

With a focus on quality service, innovative products, and a strong dealer partnership like PPS Trucking, Bharat Benz is well-positioned to continue providing superior solutions and driving growth in the commercial vehicle segment in Madhya Pradesh and beyond.

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