Scania Electric Bus Platform Launched in Busworld 2023

The Scania electric bus platform is packed with high-capacity batteries and advanced digital functionalities. Detailed specifications inside.

Scania Electric Bus Platform Launched in Busworld 2023
Scania Electric Bus at Busworld 2023. PC: X/Scania

Scania unveiled its cutting-edge Electric Bus Platform in Busworld 2023, revolutionizing urban transportation with sustainable solutions.

This platform marks a significant stride in Scania’s committed electrification journey, aligning with global efforts for eco-conscious mobility.

Scania’s latest battery-electric bus platform is a cornerstone of the company’s comprehensive e-mobility solutions and encompasses vehicles, services, and systems.

The low-entry 4×2 Scania electric buses feature batteries sourced and constructed with sustainability in mind and provide an extensive energy storage capacity of up to 520 kWh. Made exclusively for heavy commercial vehicles, these buses can reach an impressive range of over 500 km under ideal conditions.

Scania’s Comprehensive E-Mobility Solutions

Scania’s e-mobility offering extends beyond the buses themselves. It encompasses a range of services, from energy and operational analysis to charging units, financing, and installation.

This holistic approach provides guidance throughout the implementation process, ensuring reliable and efficient operations.

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Scania Electric Bus Variants

These buses come in two performance steps – a four-battery variant with 416 kWh capacity, and a five-battery variant with an impressive 520 kWh capacity. In optimal conditions, this translates to a range exceeding 400 km and 500 km respectively.

The bus is available in two chassis widths: 2500 mm and 2550 mm. Additionally, the two distinct axle gears offer ratio options designed to navigate even the most demanding terrains.

Body and Battery Development Partnership

The Scania electric bus platform was developed in collaboration with Scania’s body builder partners Grupo Castrosua.

The batteries, designed and produced in partnership between Northvolt and Scania, guarantee premium quality and all-encompassing responsibility.

Carl-Johan Lööf, Head of Product Management, People Transport Solutions at Scania, emphasizes, “During the development of our new battery electric bus platform, range, performance, and battery responsibility have been key areas – all crucial to achieving viable and sustainable transport systems. Combined with our latest e-mobility services and solutions, this means we will provide complete and highly competitive solutions for urban applications in all our current regions.”

Safety and Digital Features

The Scania electric buses are equipped with a cutting-edge electrical system and a Smart Dash instrument panel, introducing a range of enhanced digital features.

These include safety functions, remote diagnostics, real-time maps, and over-the-air capabilities.

The Smart Dash is a future-ready interface offering wireless updates and seamless integration with other digital touchpoints. It not only elevates the driver’s experience with an intuitive interface but also enhances operational efficiency.

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Furthermore, the buses boast advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), additional safety measures, and robust cybersecurity protection.

These features ensure the utmost safety for both the driver and passengers, as well as for those on the road nearby.

They not only meet but surpass the stringent safety standards set by the EU for heavy commercial vehicles.

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