Louisiana’s Baton Rouge Welcomes 6 BYD Electric Buses

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CATS strengthens its commitment to green transportation with the addition of six BYD electric buses, enhancing sustainability in Baton Rouge.

Image of a BYD Electric Bus in Louisiana's Baton Rouge, USA.

Capital Area Transit System (CATS) in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has added six cutting-edge BYD | RIDE zero-emission buses to its fleet, bringing the total count of battery-electric BYD | RIDE buses to 15.

This move reaffirms CATS’ commitment to eco-friendly public transport.

With a focus on safety and accessibility across its 23 bus routes, CATS ensures compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) by outfitting all buses with wheelchair lifts and features for passengers with disabilities.

Patrick Duan, Senior Vice President of BYD | RIDE, expressed gratitude for the enduring partnership with CATS and looks forward to delivering sustainable transportation solutions to Baton Rouge.

The new K7MER buses boast top-tier battery technology and provide two ADA wheelchair-compliant positions. These 30-foot electric buses seat up to 20 passengers and can cover a distance of up to 196 miles.

Theo Richards, CATS Interim CEO, expressed excitement about fulfilling their sustainability pledge with the introduction of these new BYD electric buses. He emphasized that these state-of-the-art vehicles not only reduce environmental impact but also offer passengers a quieter and more comfortable journey, showcasing CATS’ dedication to sustainability and passenger contentment.

Manufactured by skilled members of the Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation (SMART) Workers Union, Local 105, at the BYD | RIDE Coach and Bus Facility in Lancaster, CA, these purpose-built buses reflect BYD | RIDE’s unique commitment to both a unionized workforce and a Community Benefits Agreement, focusing on hiring veterans, single parents, and individuals seeking a second chance in manufacturing employment.

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