Why TSRTC Men-Only Bus Service Was Launched?

TSRTC Men-Only Bus Service

The Telangana Road and Transport Services (TSRTC) introduced a unique bus service exclusively for men on February 1.

The TSRTC Men-Only bus service, as it is called, marks a pioneering move globally, being the first bus service catering exclusively to men.

The TSRTC Men-Only service, operational on the Ibrahimpatnam-LB Nagar route, aims to handle the substantial crowds of young people commuting to colleges during peak hours on RTC buses.

TSRTC Men-Only Bus Service Details

Currently, the TSRTC Men-Only bus service has been launched on a pilot basis. If the trial is successful TSRTC may add more routes.

At present, a single bus is designated for the TSRTC Men-Only service, shuttling between LB Nagar and Ibrahimpatnam.

As for timing, the service operates with the first bus departing at 8:30 AM and returning at 4:30 PM on the specified route.

Why TSRTC have to Launch the Men-Only Service?

TSRTC Student Bus Pass

According to TSRTC officials, the introduction of a dedicated bus service exclusively for men is timed to address the needs of engineering college students along the Ibrahimpatnam-LB Nagar route.

“The service is tailored to cater to the specific requirements of engineering college students. The first bus starts at 8:30 am and returns at 4:30 pm on the route,” a TSRTC official was quoted as saying.

The TSRTC introduced this Men-Only service in response to the sudden spike in the number of women utilizing TRSTC buses after the Maha Lakshmi Scheme was rolled out.

On December 9, 2023, Telangana Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy launched the Maha Lakshmi Scheme that provides free bus rides for women, girls, and transgender individuals in state-owned RTC buses.

It is the sixth state in India offering free bus rides for women.

A recent survey by the Helping Hand Foundation, a city-based NGO, revealed a substantial increase in women’s ridership on TSRTC buses after the introduction of the Maha Laxmi scheme.

The percentage of women using TSRTC buses for their daily commute surged from 52% to 81% within just a month after the launch of the scheme.

While the Maha Lakshmi scheme has undeniably succeeded in boosting women’s ridership as aimed, it also presented new challenges.

The surge in women passengers has led to instances where men, especially the elderly and students, struggle to find seats.

To address this concern and ensure fair access for all passengers, the TSRTC has actively been considering options such as reserving seats for men, introducing special buses for men, exploring alternative routes, or providing dedicated services for women.

While TSRTC is dedicated to creating a well-rounded and inclusive public transportation system, it is grappling with challenges, mainly centered around its fleet limitations.

Acknowledging these challenges, the corporation has introduced the TSRTC Men-Only bus service as a pilot project.

This initiative aims to align with the needs of all passengers while navigating the resource constraints that the corporation currently faces.

It reflects a pragmatic approach to providing a more efficient and accommodating public transportation experience.

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