Nava Kerala Sadas Bus Malfunction on Maiden Trip

The Nava Kerala Sadas Bus in action.

Kozhikode: The much-anticipated debut of the Nava Kerala Sadas bus, formerly reserved for exclusive government use during the Nava Kerala yatra, was marked by unforeseen challenges.

Departing from Kozhikode to Bengaluru under the KSRTC Garuda Premium bus service banner, the journey began at 4:30 AM on Sunday.

Just after setting off, the bus encountered an unexpected issue: its hydraulic door swung open.

This led to an impromptu halt at Karanthoor, where passengers improvised by using their luggage straps to keep the door shut against the chilly air.

Subsequently, the door underwent repairs at the Bathery depot before the journey resumed.

Interestingly, when the bus stopped at Gundelpet for passengers to have food, they were instructed to disembark through the rear door.

The bus, originally slated to arrive in Bengaluru by 11:35 am, faced a delay of an hour and a half upon reaching its destination.

Despite its 26-seat capacity, the bus operated at full capacity for both its outbound and return journeys.

The Nava Kerala Sadas bus encountered further obstacles as minor paint scratches occurred during parking at the Kozhikode bus stand, necessitating a prompt touch-up at the Nadakavu workshop.

Procured at a staggering cost exceeding Rs 1 crore, the bus garnered attention during the Nava Kerala Sadas, drawing criticism from opposition parties amidst the state’s financial turmoil.

Nevertheless, the KSRTC Garuda Premium interstate service, equipped with a washroom facility and hydraulic lift, caters to the needs of differently abled and elderly passengers.

Departing from Kozhikode at 4:00 am and arriving in Bengaluru by 11:35 am, the bus embarks on its return journey from Bengaluru at 2:30 pm, reaching Kozhikode by 10:05 pm. With ticket prices set at Rs 1,171 per person, online reservations are readily available.

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