Urban Sphere to Export 500 Made in India Electric Buses to Kenya

Urban Sphere to Export 500 Made in India Electric Buses to Kenya

Urban Sphere, a leading Indian electric bus manufacturer, has solidified its international footprint by securing two significant Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) shortly after unveiling its debut model – the Urban Sphere Ivoryline.

The first agreement, with Espresso Limited in Kenya, involves the supply of 500 Ivoryline electric buses. This collaboration signifies a landmark in revolutionizing public transportation in Kenya and underscores Urban Sphere’s steadfast commitment to contributing to sustainable development globally.

The second MOU, signed with Procurabl, strategically positions Urban Sphere to establish a robust localization strategy for manufacturing the Ivoryline series. Recognizing the importance of partnering with local entities, Urban Sphere aims to promote indigenous manufacturing practices, thereby fostering growth within the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector.

In addition, Urban Sphere has also secured a MOU to supply Ivoryline 6m electric buses to the Philippines. The commitment involves delivering over 50,000 units over the next decade, reinforcing Urban Sphere’s position as a key player in the global electric mobility landscape.

Urban Sphere proudly announces that 70% of the Ivoryline is developed and manufactured in India, in collaboration with Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.

The Urban Sphere R&D Facility, located in Vassanthanarsapura Industrial Area, Tumkur District, Karnataka, plays a pivotal role in realizing this groundbreaking product.

About the Urban Sphere Ivoryline Electric Bus

The Ivoryline, propelled by the indigenously developed 9m electric skateboard chassis named MULA (Modular Unified Ladder Architecture), is equipped with a 180 kWh motor and a cutting-edge 193.1 kWh LFP battery pack. Its innovative design enables compatibility with a 250 kWh fast charger, ensuring a rapid recharge time of just 45 minutes.

CEO Karthik Athreya emphasized the company’s dedication to innovation, collaboration, and environmental stewardship, envisioning India as a frontrunner in green mobility solutions.

“The strategic partnerships and collaborations announced today underscore our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and environmental stewardship. We believe in India’s potential to emerge as a leader in green mobility solutions, and Urban Sphere is poised to lead the charge,” he stated.

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