MTC Chennai is Installing Under Run Protection in 2,122 Buses

MTC Chennai is Installing Under Run Protection in 2,122 Buses

In the wake of the rising number of bus accidents, the Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Chennai) has decided to upgrade its fleet with a significant safety enhancement.

MTC Chennai is implementing Under Run Protection in its buses. This upgrade is designed to enhance the safety of bikers and pedestrians.

This Under Run Protection prevents bikers and pedestrians from getting caught under buses during accidents, particularly when overtaking or in other unforeseen incidents.

MTC Chennai has selected a total of 2,212 buses for this upgrade.

In the first phase, 600 buses have already been equipped with Under Run Protection.

In the second phase, 1,612 buses were selected, of which 715 buses have already been upgraded with this safety measure.

What is an Under Run Protection Device?

Under Run Protection devices (also known as URPDs) are safety installations on trucks, buses, and other heavy commercial vehicles. The main purpose of the installation is to save motorists, pedestrians, and smaller vehicles from getting under these bigger vehicles in case of accidents.

In the European Union, front RUPDs are mandatory for most heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and must meet the technical requirements of Regulation 93.

What you see in the picture of the MTC Chennai bus is actually a Side Underrun Protection Device (SUPD) that safeguards cyclists or pedestrians who may end up under a vehicle in an urban environment.

How MTC is Leading the Way in Safety

Over the last month, the MTC Chennai has adopted a slew of safety measures. Last week, in view of the risks posed to students traveling on footboard of buses, the corporation installed automatic doors in its buses.

The corporation identified 468 buses plying on key educational routes, like ย 23C and 29,ย for this initiative.

The decision was taken after earlier attempts to discourage students from traveling on footboard through various ways failed to bear fruit.

In an interview with the Times of India, MTC Chennai Managing Director Alby John opened up about the difficulties faced by conductors in enforcing these rules consistently.

“Our bus conductors tried their best but it’s a very challenging task to convince students to not travel on footboard. Most of the time, it even leads to confrontations,” he was quoted saying.

MTC is making strides in modernizing its services by rolling out Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETMs). On June 1, the corporation announced that ETMs are now fully deployed across all depots, ensuring a smoother and more efficient ticketing process for all commuters.

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