Bus Travel | Long Weekend Travel Trends: Abhibus Insights 2024

Long Weekend Travel Trends By Bus

As 2024 is in the midway, the appeal of long weekends continues to captivate travelers, providing perfect opportunities for short yet fulfilling getaways.

With a variety of long weekends peppered throughout the year, more people are looking to make the most of these breaks that promise a perfect escape from their mundane daily routines.

With a growing emphasis on sustainable and convenient travel, buses are becoming an increasingly popular choice for weekend getaways.

AbhiBus, a leading online bus ticketing platform, has analyzed the emerging long weekend travel trends that will shape bus travel in 2024.

In this article, we delve into the key insights and travel trends to expect in 2024, helping you plan your next bus journey with ease and excitement.

Whether you’re a spontaneous adventurer or a meticulous planner, these Long Weekend Travel Trends will guide you to make the most of your long weekends.

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Increasing Popularity of Bus Travel

Buses With AITP Can Have Multiple Pick Up Points

Affordability and Convenience

  • Cost-effective: Bus travel remains one of the most affordable modes of transportation. With rising fuel costs and airfare, buses provide a budget-friendly alternative for travelers.
  • Convenient Booking: Online platforms like AbhiBus make it easy to book tickets, choose seats, and plan itineraries, enhancing the overall travel experience.
  • Extensive Routes: Buses connect even the most remote destinations, offering extensive coverage across cities and towns that may not be easily accessible by other means.

Eco-Friendly Travel

  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Buses produce significantly fewer emissions per passenger compared to cars and planes, making them an environmentally friendly option.
  • Encouraging Group Travel: Traveling by bus encourages group travel, reducing the number of vehicles on the road and thus, contributing to lesser traffic congestion and pollution.

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Popular Long Weekend Destinations

Hill Stations

  • Munnar, Kerala: Known for its tea gardens and scenic landscapes, Munnar is a perfect escape from the city heat during long weekends.
  • Manali, Himachal Pradesh: Offering snow-capped mountains and adventure activities, Manali attracts travelers looking for a mix of relaxation and thrill.
  • Coorg, Karnataka: Famous for its coffee plantations and lush greenery, Coorg provides a serene getaway for nature lovers.

Beach Getaways

  • Goa: With its vibrant beaches and nightlife, Goa remains a top choice for travelers seeking sun, sand, and sea.
  • Gokarna, Karnataka: A quieter alternative to Goa, Gokarna offers pristine beaches and a laid-back vibe.
  • Pondicherry: This former French colony is perfect for those looking to explore colonial architecture and serene beaches.

Cultural and Historical Sites

  • Hampi, Karnataka: Known for its ancient ruins and temples, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a glimpse into India’s rich history.
  • Jaipur, Rajasthan: The Pink City, with its palaces and forts, attracts history buffs and culture enthusiasts alike.
  • Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh: Famous for its intricately carved temples, Khajuraho is a must-visit for those interested in art and architecture.

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Emerging Long Weekend Travel Trends

Wellness Travel

  • Yoga Retreats: Destinations like Rishikesh and Mysore are gaining popularity for their yoga retreats and wellness centers.
  • Ayurvedic Spas: Kerala is renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments, attracting travelers looking for holistic health experiences.

Adventure Tourism

  • Trekking: The Western Ghats and Himalayan ranges offer numerous trekking opportunities for adventure seekers.
  • Water Sports: Coastal regions like Goa and Andaman Islands provide facilities for water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and jet-skiing.
  • Camping: Places like Rishikesh and Lonavala are popular for camping and bonfire experiences.

Offbeat Destinations

  • Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra: Known as the ‘Valley of Flowers’, Kaas Plateau is a biodiversity hotspot that blooms with flowers post-monsoon.
  • Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh: For those seeking solitude and stunning landscapes, Spiti Valley offers an off-the-beaten-path experience.
  • Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh: This lesser-known destination is famous for its music festival and picturesque beauty.

Enhancing the Bus Travel Experience

Sleeper Bus Inside View
Interior of a luxurious sleeper bus by Sahara Coach.

Luxurious Bus Services

  • Sleeper Buses: Offering comfortable sleeping arrangements, sleeper buses ensure travelers arrive at their destination well-rested.
  • Volvo and AC Coaches: These buses provide a premium travel experience with air-conditioning, reclining seats, and ample legroom.
  • Onboard Entertainment: Modern buses are equipped with personal entertainment systems to keep travelers engaged during the journey.

Safety and Hygiene

  • Regular Sanitization: Buses are regularly sanitized to ensure a clean and safe environment for travelers.
  • Contactless Payments: Digital payment options minimize physical contact, enhancing safety.
  • GPS Tracking: Real-time tracking of buses ensures safety and allows travelers to stay informed about their journey status.

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Planning Your Long Weekend Trip

Early Booking

  • Plan Ahead: With long weekends being popular travel periods, booking tickets early ensures you get the best seats and deals.
  • Flexible Dates: Being flexible with your travel dates can help you find better deals and less crowded buses.

Packing Essentials

  • Travel Light: Pack only the essentials to ensure a comfortable journey.
  • Entertainment: Bring along books, music, or other forms of entertainment to make the travel time enjoyable.
  • Snacks and Water: While many buses stop at rest areas, having your own snacks and water ensures you’re well-prepared.

Exploring Local Cuisine

  • Try Local Delicacies: Make the most of your trip by trying local foods at your destination.
  • Street Food: Many destinations are known for their street food, which is often a highlight of the travel experience.


With a plethora of long weekends in 2024, the trend of exploring new destinations via bus travel is set to rise. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, there’s a perfect destination waiting for you.

Platforms like AbhiBus make planning and booking your trip hassle-free, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories. Embrace the comfort, convenience, and eco-friendliness of bus travel to make the most of your long weekends this year.

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