5 Best Online Bus Booking Platforms in India

A list of the 5 Best Online Bus Booking Platforms in India as of 2024 (both apps and websites). Know the things to keep in mind while booking online bus tickets in India.

List of the 5 Best Online Bus Booking Platforms in India

Buses are the best way to travel in India because they are cheap, tickets are readily available, and the bus network is solid. You can travel to any corner of the country by bus, and there are buses of all types, from budget-friendly to luxury.

Over the last few years, with the advent of technology, online bus ticket booking In India has become incredibly convenient. You can book your bus tickets from anywhere, at any time, with just a few clicks.

Moreover, most bus booking sites and apps in India are paperless now. This means that once you have booked your ticket, you can simply show the m-ticket to the bus conductor when you board the bus.

In this article, we outline the most trustworthy online bus booking sites and apps in India in 2023.

Key Considerations of Our Selection Criteria

Before we list down the names of the best online bus booking platforms in India, let us walk you through the factors that we have considered while compiling this list.

First of all, you will have to understand that there are two types of online bus ticket booking platforms in India – Aggregators and self-owned models.

Aggregators are websites and apps that list bus tickets online from multiple bus operators, while self-owned models are websites and apps that are owned and operated by bus operators themselves. This includes both State government-run fleets as well as privately held.

In this list, we will be only considering aggregator platforms. Aggregator bus booking sites and apps in India are generally more reliable and user-friendly than self-owned models.

This is because these aggregators are tech giants who have the resources to invest in developing and maintaining user-friendly interfaces, secure payment systems, and responsive customer support teams.

In other words, they are the most trustworthy platforms when it comes to online online bus ticket booking In India.

List of Best Online Bus Booking Platforms in India


redBus is the most widely used platform for online bus ticket booking in India. Launched in 2006, it simplifies online bus booking with a user-friendly platform, offering a vast network of bus operators and routes pan India.

redBus provides real-time tracking, secure online payments, and a range of options from budget to luxury travel. Serving millions of passengers annually, it has become synonymous with the best deals and discounts, and convenient, reliable, and efficient bus travel in India.


Established in 2008, AbhiBus is another popular platform online bus ticket booking in India, simplifying travel for millions.

The platform offers a user-friendly interface with an extensive network of bus operators and routes, along with great deals and discounts, facilitating seamless bookings. Providing real-time tracking, secure payment options, and a diverse range of travel choices, AbhiBus has become synonymous with convenient and reliable bus travel.

Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, AbhiBus streamlines the booking process, enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers across the country.

Intrcity SmartBus

IntrCity SmartBus stands out with distinctive features, offering an elevated travel experience. Intrcity SmartBus features dedicated bus captains in all their buses, providing dedicated assistance to passengers throughout the journey.

The company also takes pride in its punctuality, ensuring on-time departures and arrivals, a crucial factor for travelers seeking reliability.

Furthermore, IntrCity SmartBus goes above and beyond by incorporating essential amenities like washrooms in most of its buses, a distinctive feature uncommon in many buses across India.

IRCTC – Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is a public sector undertaking in India, offering ticketing, catering, and tourism services for the Indian Railways. It is the official e-ticketing and catering arm of Indian Railways.

After years of offering inline train ticketing, the IRCTC ventured into online bus booking in January 2021.

Offering a vast network of operators and routes across the country, IRCTC ensures a straightforward experience when it comes to online bus ticket booking in India.

RTC Booking Sites

UPSRTC Online Bus Booking A Step-By-Step Guide
The Uttar Pradesh State Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) bus booking site.

RTC, an abbreviation for Road Transport Corporation, represents state-owned bus companies in India. Examples of RTCs in India include KSRTC (Karnataka), GSRTC (Gujarat), Kerala State RTC, etc.

Most of the RTCs in India have their own online bus booking sites as well as apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

While these RTC platforms are very secure for booking bus tickets online, customer service nuances may exist; like with any other government sites.

Government-owned entities in India are often associated with comparatively less-friendly after-sales support in India. However, rest assured, they’ve got your back with refunds in case of cancellations.

Keep in mind that while booking with RTC sites is reliable, you might not come across as many deals and discounts compared to other platforms.

Online Bus Booking: Things to Keep In Mind

While online bus booking is absolutely easy, there are a few things that first-time users need to keep in mind while booking bus tickets. To have a seamless experience, ensure to:

  • Check Bus Photos: Check the photos of the bus you are booking to gauge the overall condition of the bus.
  • Check Amenities: Check all amenities provided like air-conditioning, charging ports, infotainment systems, Wi-Fi, washroom facilities, etc., to ensure that the bus meets your specific travel requirements and preferences.
  • Boarding and Dropping Points: Ensure that they are convenient and accessible, minimizing travel hassles and ensuring a smoother journey from start to finish.
  • Check Bus Reviews: Make an informed decision and ensure a happy journey by checking what past passengers have to say about the reliability, comfort, and overall service quality of the bus.

If you are looking to book sleeper buses, you should check out our article on sleeper buses in India. It encompasses all aspects of sleeper buses and will help you to make an informed decision.

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