Solaris Will Deliver 20 Hydrogen Buses to Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH

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Solaris Will Deliver 20 Hydrogen Buses to Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH

Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK), a prominent public transport operator in Cologne, has once again chosen Solaris as the supplier of hydrogen-powered buses.

This significant move highlights the city’s commitment to sustainability and reinforces Solaris’s position as a leader in the hydrogen bus market.

The order includes nine Urbino 12 hydrogen buses and eleven articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen buses, totaling 20 vehicles.

With this addition, the hydrogen fleet in Cologne will soon reach 84 Solaris buses, making it the largest fleet of its kind in the UK.

Cologne’s investment in hydrogen-based public transportation underscores the city’s dedication to developing eco-friendly transit solutions.

“For us, another order for Solaris hydrogen buses of this number demonstrates the high level of confidence in our company and its products,” said Christian Goll, Managing Director of Solaris Deutschland GmbH.

“We are proud that RVK, as a pioneer in this field, has once again opted for our vehicles, strengthening our long-standing cooperation,” he adds.

Dr. Marcel Frank, Managing Director of RVK, expressed his satisfaction with the progress towards emission-free transportation.

“Step by step, we are getting closer to meeting our goal of zero emissions. Working together with local authorities and our transportation board, we invested very early in hydrogen solutions, including the appropriate infrastructure. As a result, as a major regional carrier, we already have a full hydrogen mobility network in place.”

Solaris Will Deliver 20 Hydrogen Buses to Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH

The ordered Urbino 12 hydrogen and Urbino 18 hydrogen buses are equipped with advanced fuel cells with powers of 70 kW and 100 kW, respectively.

These vehicles offer a guaranteed range of 350 km, regardless of atmospheric and topographic conditions. Additionally, the buses feature modern amenities such as high-efficiency air conditioning, advanced monitoring systems, and driver assistance technology.

Solaris has established itself as the leader in the European hydrogen bus market, with a market share of 44.5% in 2023.

With 180 hydrogen buses already in service across 10 European countries, Solaris continues to drive innovation in sustainable transit solutions.

Looking ahead, the company’s order portfolio for hydrogen buses exceeds 500 vehicles for the years 2024-2026.

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