Solaris Secures Order of 15 Hydrogen Buses From Oberbergische Verkehrgesellschaft

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Solaris Bags Largest Order of 130 Hydrogen Buses in Europe

Solaris Bus & Coach has secured another contract for their hydrogen-powered buses, with an order for 15 units destined for the public transport system in Gummersbach, Germany. These zero-emission Urbino 12 hydrogen buses are scheduled for delivery in 2025, enhancing the city’s sustainable transportation options.

Oberbergische Verkehrgesellschaft (OVAG), the German transport operator, has placed the order for these 15 hydrogen buses, marking a significant step towards eco-friendly public transport in Gummersbach. This contract reinforces Solaris’s commitment to promoting sustainable urban mobility through its innovative vehicle offerings, with fulfillment expected in 2025.

Olivier Michard, Member of the Management Board of Solaris for Sales and Marketing, stated, “The growing demand for Solaris hydrogen buses highlights the ongoing transformation in urban mobility. It is encouraging to see more cities investing in sustainable public transport solutions, a key area ready to meet the challenge of emission neutrality. We are proud that our vehicles represent this shift.”

Solaris Urbino 12 Hydrogen Buses

The Urbino 12 hydrogen buses will be equipped with advanced fuel cells producing a total power of 70 kW. These buses will also include Solaris High Power traction batteries to assist the fuel cells during peak power needs. The propulsion system will feature a 160 kW central electric motor, and the buses will utilize heat pumps for heating.

As a leader in innovative e-mobility solutions, Solaris Bus & Coach offers the most extensive range of emission-free vehicles in Europe. The company continues to receive orders for its hydrogen buses from various cities across Europe, including recent orders from Frankfurt, Essen, Cologne, and Gross-Gerau in Germany.

Just a few days back, the Municipal Transport Company in Krakow had ordered 37 Solaris mild hybrid buses.

These low-emission buses will join Kraków’s fleet, which already includes nearly 600 Solaris buses. The new buses are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2025.

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