Erlangen Embraces Clean Mobility with 7 Solaris Urbino 9 LE Electric Buses

Erlangen electrifies its streets with 7 new Solaris electric buses! Experience eco-friendly journeys, advanced features, and a city embracing the future.

Erlangen Embraces Clean Mobility with 7 Solaris Urbino 9 LE Electric Buses

Erlangen, a German city renowned for its medieval charm, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey towards a greener future, one silent glide at a time.

Seven new Solaris Urbino 9 LE electric buses now grace the city’s streets, marking a major leap in its sustainable transportation ambitions.

This partnership introduces Erlangen to the innovative solutions of Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o., a champion of clean mobility.

Specification of the Solaris Urbino 9 LE Buses

Erlangen Embraces Clean Mobility with 7 Solaris Urbino 9 LE Electric Buses

Designed to prioritize passenger comfort, the Urbino 9 LE buses boast spacious interiors for 50 passengers, offering 21 designated seats and two foldable ones for added flexibility.

The heart of these green machines lies in their powerful electric motors and high-capacity batteries (over 250 kWh) strategically placed for optimal performance.

Classic plug-in charging and Solaris’ High Power energy storage system ensure efficient power replenishment and minimized downtime, keeping these silent warriors constantly in action.

But the innovation goes beyond zero-emission propulsion. Safety takes center stage with advanced features like MirrorEye, a camera-based system replacing traditional mirrors, enhancing driver visibility and minimizing blind spots.

Passenger convenience receives equal attention, with readily available USB charging ports lining the side walls. Meanwhile, the eSConnect system empowers Erlangen Stadtwerke Stadtverkehr GmbH, the city’s transportation company, with real-time bus performance data, optimizing fleet management and ensuring smooth operations.

Erlangen’s Commitment to a Greener Mobility

Erlangen Embraces Clean Mobility with 7 Solaris Urbino 9 LE Electric Buses
From the right: City Mayor Dr. Florian Janik, President of the Management Board of ESTW Matthias Exner, Managing Director of Public Transport Ralf Wurzschmitt.

This isn’t just a fleet expansion; it’s a bold statement about Erlangen’s commitment to a sustainable future. With each whisper-quiet journey, the city takes a breath of fresh air, and the hum of electric motors replaces the rumble of diesel engines.

This initiative isn’t just about cleaner air and reduced noise pollution; it’s about paving the way for a healthier planet, a more vibrant community, and a future where eco-friendly travel becomes the norm, not the exception.

These electric buses, with their sleek lines and silent motors, are more than just a mode of transportation; they’re a symbol of Erlangen’s dedication to a greener tomorrow, an invitation to join the journey towards a more sustainable future, and a testament to the fact that even the most charming medieval city can embrace the magic of clean mobility.

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