Siemens to acquire Heliox and Strengthen its Electric Bus Charging Portfolio

Siemens to acquire Heliox. Image of VDL buses in Heliox charging station

Siemens and Heliox have recently inked an agreement that outlines Siemens’ intent to acquire the Dutch charging infrastructure company, Heliox.

The primary goal of this acquisition is for Siemens to integrate Heliox’s robust power charging solutions tailored for heavy-duty electric vehicles like buses and trucks into its existing product lineup.

This strategic merger is anticipated to not only broaden Siemens’ market presence, particularly across Europe and North America but also enhance its prowess in the realm of power electronics.

This move is in alignment with Siemens’ statement on the matter.

The exact integration strategy for Heliox’s products is still under wraps, but the company has already established a significant presence in the industry.

Heliox: Rapid Ascent as an Electric Bus Charging Company

Despite its modest workforce of around 330 employees, Heliox has been instrumental in constructing charging depots for bus fleets since 2017.

Notably, the charging facilities in Amsterdam and Glasgow rank among the largest in Europe.

Heliox’s equipment has been finely tuned to meet the stringent demands of heavy-duty applications.

One of its notable offerings, the battery-backed SprintCharge station, introduced in 2019, has demonstrated its capability to efficiently support bus charging, adjusting to various pantograph specifications, and enabling ultra-rapid charges without causing disruptions to the power grid.

In its most recent stride, Heliox has launched a consortium with the aim of establishing “Charging Energy Hubs” that are sensitive to grid dynamics, catering to various fleets.

Heliox is at the helm of this consortium which involves 29 partners, including entities specializing in robot chargers.

Matthias Rebellius, a member of Siemens’ managing board and the CEO of Smart Infrastructure, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the potential for digitalization and software advancement, particularly in the domains of energy management, depot operations, and related services.

It’s important to note that this acquisition is contingent upon the customary regulatory approval process.

Once the necessary approvals are secured, Heliox will become an integral part of Siemens eMobility, a division housed under Siemens Smart Infrastructure.

This division offers an array of IoT-enabled hardware, software, and services catering to both AC and DC charging requirements, spanning from 11 to 300 kW and serving various applications.

Notably, Siemens unveiled the e-Line OnBoard, a 600-kW pantograph solution for buses, in June of the current year.

It’s worth highlighting that both Heliox and Siemens have an active presence in the North American market as well.

While finer details pertaining to the financial aspects of the transaction and the future leadership structure are yet to be disclosed, this acquisition signifies a significant step in Siemens’ journey toward reinforcing its position in the electric mobility sector.

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