Watch How the Scania Smart Dash is Revolutionizing Driving Experiences

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Experience safer and smarter truck driving with the Scania Smart Dash. Discover how the Smart Dash revolutionizes truck driver control and safety.

Scania Smart Dash represents the newest addition to Scania's drive to revolutionize the transport sector, fostering intelligence and sustainability

  • Scania Smart Dash represents the newest addition to Scania’s drive to revolutionize the transport sector, fostering intelligence and sustainability.
  • Endless options for personalizing the driving encounter, coupled with real-time access to the latest data and information.
  • The combination of manual controls and digital screens ensures top-notch assistance and streamlines the driver’s journey.
  • Scania has devoted significant efforts to ensure that driver support and safety systems are intuitive and minimally disruptive, prioritizing a seamless driving experience.

Scania has unveiled the groundbreaking Scania Smart Dash, a digital dashboard set to redefine heavy motor vehicle driving for drivers of all backgrounds.

This innovative digital solution guarantees a secure, connected, and comfortable environment within Scania buses and trucks.

Drivers will now have unprecedented control over their vehicle and surroundings, thanks to discreet prompts from their intelligent truck companion, ensuring safety is never compromised.

Stefan Dorski, Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks, emphasized, “Beyond its striking design and extensive customization options, our Smart Dash serves as a catalyst for enhanced communication and digitalization both within and around the truck.”

This integration tightly aligns Scania trucks with fleet management systems, driving real-time connectivity with cloud-based services, ultimately elevating safety, uptime, and efficiency.

Scania Smart Dash Drive is Integrated With the Scania Ecosystem

The Scania Smart Dash driver interface boasts two pivotal components:

  • The Driver Display, strategically positioned for easy access
  • Centre Information Display, available in two sizes – 10.1 or 12.9 inches

Drivers can interact through touch screens, button presses, or voice commands. Enabling smooth coordination with every facet of the Scania digital network, it’s crafted to equip drivers with crucial information for knowledgeable, safe, and efficient driving.

This encompasses seamless integration with a diverse array of functions, such as:

  • Advanced voice control
  • Driver safety support
  • Apple CarPlay & Android Auto
  • ADAS Support Premium infotainment (radio & media playback)
  • Scania Navigation app
  • Improved handsfree calls
  • Flexible bodybuilder integration
  • Camera support to present complementary driver information on two screens

This encompasses seamless integration with a diverse array of functions, such as:

Scania strikes a harmonious balance between physical and digital controls, sidestepping the common pitfall of burying critical functions deep within menus.

Eduardo Landeo, Product Manager for Scania Trucks, emphasized, “Our focus is squarely on delivering the best possible experience for drivers, ensuring that new technology fundamentally supports them, rather than overwhelming or causing cognitive overload.”

This approach safeguards against situations where attention strays from the road, redirecting focus to adjust essential settings like cabin temperature.

Scania’s latest truck models boast a range of standard safety features for European markets.

Notably, the Advanced Emergency Braking for Vulnerable Road Users (AEB VRU) goes beyond mere warnings, taking active measures to apply brakes when detecting pedestrians in the vehicle’s path.

The Scania Smart Dash not only keeps pace with these evolving trends but surges ahead with its intuitive, modular digital interface, offering over-the-air updates and harnessing 5G potential.

This unwavering support from safety systems equips drivers with their most vital tool for preventing serious accidents on the road.

With the Scania Smart Dash, the future of trucking is safer, smarter, and more efficient than ever before.

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