Robin Bus Controversy Takes New Turn in 2024 with Alleged Death Threats

The latest news on the Robin Bus unfolds as two Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors file a police complaint against the owner, Baby Gireesh.

Robin Bus Controversy Takes New Turn in 2024 with Alleged Death Threats

In the latest chapter of the Robin bus controversy in Kerala, tensions escalated again in 20204 as two Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors (AMVIs) filed a police complaint against the owner, Baby Gireesh.

The ongoing Robin bus issue revolves around the operation of the Robin Bus service on an All India Tourist Bus permit, with the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) canceling the bus’s fitness certificate on September 1, 2023.

This recent twist involves allegations of death threats made by Gireesh against the AMVIs during inspections.

Two officials, Swatidev and Arun, filed a complaint against Robin bus owner Girish with the Pathanamthitta district police chief. Following this complaint, Girish was summoned for questioning.

Since resuming the service on the 26th December 2023, routine inspections have become a daily occurrence.

In response, Robin bus owner Baby Gireesh views these complaints as a form of retaliation by the MVD following legal setbacks.

“They might seek retribution following the High Court’s rejection of their writ petition, attempting to halt the operation of Robin Bus. Concurrently, the court has acknowledged my petition, aiming to launch contempt proceedings against the involved officials, including the State Transport Secretary,” says Baby Gireesh.

The conflict began with the MVD’s inspection which led to the cancellation of the bus’s fitness certificate in October 2023.

Since then, the Kerala MVD and the Robin bus have been in a legal tussle, marked by fines, permit revocations, and court interventions. The bus’ permit was canceled on several occasions too.

The key contention is whether the Robin Bus operates within the norms of All India Tourist Permit regulations outlined by the central government.

Robin bus owner Baby Gireesh was even arrested in November but was released on bail.

Robin Bus Latest News: Baby Gireesh Was Arrested, Out on Bail

Despite facing challenges, Gireesh insists that he is following the guidelines and vows to appear for questioning.

The battle between Robin Bus and the MVD reached new heights, with the High Court dismissing a petition seeking a stay on the order allowing the bus’s operation.

In November 2023, the Kerala High Court even slammed the KSRTC for questioning MoRTH Rules.

Lately, Baby Gireesh has also alleged that the MVD officials are collecting phone numbers of passengers who booked the bus in the name of repeated inspections. This raises privacy concerns and adds another layer to the complex situation.

Amid this legal tussle, Robin Bus is gearing up to resume services from Adoor, with plans to start the journey to Coimbatore half an hour before the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC).

The service, previously starting from Pathanamthitta at 5 am, will now commence from Adoor at 3:30 am.

The Robin Bus issue remains a hot topic in Kerala, with each development adding new dimensions to this ongoing transport dispute.

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