Robin Bus Latest News: Baby Gireesh Was Arrested, Out on Bail

In the latest news update surrounding the Robin bus issue, owner Baby Gireesh was arrested by the Pala Police for a case dating back to 2012.

Robin Bus Latest News: Baby Gireesh Was Arrested, Out on Bail

The Robin bus saga has been taking interesting directions every day. In the latest Robin bus news, owner Baby Gireesh was arrested on November 26, 2023, in connection with a cheque bounce case.

The arrest was made by the Pala police, based on a warrant issued by the Ernakulam Magistrate Court.

Reportedly, Gireesh was arrested on Sunday afternoon around 12:30 PM from his residence in Edamaruk, Eratupetta.

Baby Gireesh Was Arrested for a Case Registered in 2012

The cheque bounce case dates back to 2012, when Baby Gireesh allegedly issued a cheque to a person without sufficient funds in his account. The cheque was dishonored by the bank, leading to the filing of the case.

According to the Pala Police, the case of the bounced cheque was Registered in Kochi in 2012 and was due to expire today.

Gireesh has maintained his innocence in the case, claiming that he was not aware of the cheque bounce and that he had settled the matter with the complainant.

However, the police have proceeded with the arrest based on the court warrant.

What does Baby Gireesh Have to Say About His Arrest?

After the Robin bus owner was arrested, he maintained that he was innocent and that he didn’t have any idea why he was arrested.

Gireesh even claimed that he was unaware of the case registered against him in connection with the bounced cheque. he further claimed that he hadn’t received any summons or warrants in this regard earlier as well.

According to him, 2012 was the time he was bedridden for six years after he met with a bike accident that left him permanently disabled.

Following the arrest, Gireessh’s wife asserted that regardless of the party involved, they should proceed with the retaliatory action.

She further claimed that it jus just a plot to discourage Baby Girish from the ongoing Robin bus issue.

The Robin Bus Issue That Went Viral

The Robin Bus service has been in the news recently due to its ongoing legal battles with the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department (MVD).

The bus service has been accused of violating permit rules and has been fined multiple times. The owner of the bus service, Baby Gireesh, has challenged the MVD’s actions in court.

The Kerala High Court has ruled in favor of Gireesh and has asked the MVD not to interfere with the bus service. However, the MVD has continued to fine the bus service.

Read the complete timeline of the events surrounding the Robin bus issue here.

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