Robin Bus Latest News: Permit Canceled, Kerala HC Issue Stay Order

While the Kerala MVD cancelled the All India Tourist Permit of the Robin Bus, the Kerala HC put a stay on it till December 18.

Robin Bus Latest News

Kerala’s outlaw robin bus is in the news again. The Robin bus latest news is that, the Kerala MVD has canceled its All India Tourist Permit for repeated violations.

Over the last month, the MVD and the Robin bus have been in a legal tussle, marked by fines, permit revocations, and court interventions, reflecting a contentious battle over alleged rule violations and defiance.

The bus, owned by Girish, has become a focal point, facing accusations of repeated violations leading to punitive actions by the MVD.

We have covered the entire timeline of the Robin bus issue since the bus started its journey on October 31 which you can read by clicking this link.

Why Robin Bus’ AITP Permit Was Canceled?

Latest News on Robin Bus Kerala MVD Seizes Vehicle Again Over Permit Violations

According to MVD officials, the permit of the Robin bus was canceled due to alleged repeated violations of transport rules.

Over the past month, the Kerala MVD had been taking action against the Robin bus due to repeated violations of transport rules. They alledge that even though the bus was operating with AITO, it cannot at multiple locations to pick up and drop off passengers.

The MVD, under the leadership of Transport Minister Antony Raju, imposed several fines on the bus for not complying with permit regulations over the last month.

The bus was eventually seized as it consistently flouted these rules. A case was registered against the vehicle by the Kerala Motor Vehicles Department, leading to the cancellation of its permit.

This decision was part of the legal process initiated by the MVD to address the ongoing non-compliance with regulations, emphasizing their commitment to enforcing transport laws.

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Robin Bus Latest News: Kerala HC Stays Permit Cancelation

Robin bus news: Owner of Robin Bus Overwhelmed by Public Support

After the Robin Bus’ AITP permit was canceled, the owner of the Robin bus, Baby Gireesh and various organizations submitted a petition in the Kerala High Court, asserting the absence of rule violations.

In response, the Kerala High Court temporarily halted the permit revocation order until December 18.

The interim order, issued by Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh, came after Kishor, a bus owner from Kozhikode, filed the petition. The court will review the petitions related to the Robin bus on December 18.

The government informed the court that the bus’s permit had expired on November 29, but the court refrained from providing comments.

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