Purulia to Manbazar Bus Timetable | Route

Purulia to Manbazar Bus  Timetable & Route
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Traveling from Purulia to Manbazar in West Bengal has been made convenient with the numerous city buses traversing the Purulia to Manbazar route.

If you’re looking for the latest Purulia to Manbazar bus timetable, you’re in the right place. This article provides comprehensive details to ensure your journey is seamless and stress-free.

Purulia to Manbazar Bus Key Information

Here’s a quick overview of the Purulia to Manbazar bus route, including essential details such as starting and ending points, frequency, operational hours, ticket fare, distance, notable stops, contact number, and online booking availability:

Route NamePurulia to Manbazar Bus Route
Starting PointPurulia
FrequencyEvery 15 to 30 minutes
Operational Hours6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Ticket FareAffordable fares for all travelers
DistanceApproximately 32 km
Average DurationAround 2 hours
Notable StopsShyamdi, Balakdi, Kenda, Maa Manasa Devi temple, Jabla, Gopalnagar, Jitujori
Contact NumberSBSTC Manbazar contact number: 7699993932
Online BookingNot available

Purulia to Manbazar Bus Route

Purulia to Manbazar Bus Route on Google Maps.

The distance between Purulia and Manbazar is approximately 35 km, which typically takes around 1 hour by car.

However, due to multiple stops along the way, city buses between Purulia and Manbazar usually take around 2 hours to complete the journey.

The Purulia to Manbazar bus route includes stops at:

  • Purulia
  • Shyamdi
  • Balakdi
  • Kenda
  • Maa Manasa Devi temple
  • Jabla
  • Gopalnagar
  • Jitujori
  • Manbazar

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Purulia to Manbazar Bus Timetable

Here’s the complete list of Purulia to Manbazar bus timetable:

Departure TimeOperatorEstimated Arrival
05:00 AMKalika Travels07:00 AM
05:20 AMPurulia Express07:20 AM
05:50 AMKalika Travels07:50 AM
06:20 AM9XM Travels08:20 AM
06:20 AMRadheshyam Travels08:20 AM
06:45 AMRiya Travels08:45 AM
07:10 AMSusama Travels09:10 AM
07:35 AMR.S. Travels09:35 AM
08:00 AMSangeeta Travels10:00 AM
08:25 AMShyamashree Travels10:25 AM
08:50 AMMaa Chinnamasta Travels10:50 AM
09:10 AMGanga Travels11:10 AM
09:35 AMSourav Travels11:35 AM
09:55 AMRajput Travels11:55 AM
10:20 AMBijoy Travels12:20 PM
10:40 AMRajput (mini) Travels12:40 PM
11:05 AMParthasarathi Travels01:05 PM
11:30 AMMonalisa (mini) Travels01:30 PM
11:55 AMDevidurga Travels01:55 PM
12:20 PMShree Durga Travels02:20 PM
12:45 PMDevi Durga Travels02:45 PM
01:10 PMKalyani Travels03:10 PM
01:30 PMAjad Travels03:30 PM
01:50 PMJoydev Travels03:50 PM
02:10 PMPallirani Travels04:10 PM
02:30 PMMaa Chinnamasta Travels04:30 PM
02:55 PMParthasarathi Travels04:55 PM
03:00 PMRani Travels05:00 PM
03:20 PMR.S Travels05:20 PM
03:40 PMShyamashree Travels05:40 PM
04:00 PMRajput Travels06:00 PM
04:25 PMRajput Travels06:25 PM
04:30 PMBiswapati Travels06:30 PM
04:50 PMRiya Travels06:50 PM
05:10 PMBijoy Travels07:10 PM
06:05 PMMonalisha Travels08:05 PM
06:30 PMMohapravu / Antara Travels08:30 PM

Note: Passengers are advised to verify the latest schedule information from the bus stand inquiry before starting their journey. Bus timings are subject to change.

SBSTC Purulia Contact Number

For any inquiries regarding Purulia to Manbazar bus timetable, route, or ticketing, call SBSTC Purulia contact number: 7699993932.

Purulia to Manbazar Bus Online Booking

As of now, online booking of buses between Purulia and Manbazar is not available.

Purulia to Manbazar Bus Timetable FAQ

When does the first bus depart from Purulia to Manbazar?

The first bus departs from Purulia to Manbazar at 05:00 AM.

When is the last bus from Purulia to Manbazar?

The last bus from Purulia to Manbazar departs at 06:30 PM.

What is the distance between Purulia to Manbazar?

The distance between Purulia and Manbazar is approximately 32 km.

How much time does it take from Purulia to Manbazar?

On average, it takes around 2 hours to travel from Purulia to Manbazar by bus.

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