Aitiana Airwings owner was shot inside his own bus – A shocking saga

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In a recent interview with Transtopics, Aitiana Airwings’ owner Sohan Singh Aitiana reminisces about the day he was shot inside his own bus.

Aitiana Airwings owner was shot inside his own bus

Aitiana Airwings needs no introduction today!

Flanked by a fleet of swanky luxury buses, it’s hands down one of the top-tier bus operators in Eastern India.

But what many of us may not realize is the incredible journey of hard work, dedication, and relentless effort that paved the way for the company’s current stature.

Like most successful businesses, Aitiana Airwings’ journey to success was not without its fair share of challenges.

In fact, Aitiana Airwings’ owner Mr. Sohan Singh Aitiana even faced a life-threatening ordeal during his initial days.

He was shot inside his own bus during a robbery incident.

However, despite sustaining life-threatening injuries, Mr. Aitiana’s resilience and determination allowed him to overcome adversity and continue the legacy of Aitiana Travels.

The Fateful Night of April 1989

Representative image of a robber looting a bus
Representative image.

While Aitiana Travels traces its roots back to pre-independence India, it wasn’t until 1976 that Sohan Singh Aitiana officially joined the family-owned firm.

He was a young man with a relentless drive and unwavering commitment. He often traveled on his own buses to gain firsthand knowledge of ground operations.

It was during one of these journeys that the harrowing incident unfolded.

“I remember vividly, I was on a trip from Purnia to Kolkata, surrounded by a bus full of traders heading to the Mangla Haat Market, a lively center for ready-made garments. Everything seemed normal as we departed from Purnia, but then, out of nowhere, chaos erupted,” remembers Sohan Singh Aitiana.

About 20 kilometers from Purnia, a group of armed robbers boarded the bus and began looting the passengers.

Amidst the chaos, Mr. Aitiana witnessed a Marwari couple he knew being accosted by the robbers, prompting him to take action.

With desperation fueling his courage, Mr. Aitiana bravely confronted the robbers, engaging them in a fierce struggle.

Amid the chaos, a gunshot echoed through the air, and Mr. Aitiana grimaced in agony as the bullet pierced his body, inflicting a severe wound.

“While I was fending two of the robbers, the leader of the gang shot me from behind. The bullet ripped through one of my ribs and grazed the parietal pleura, the protective outer layer enveloping the lungs,” he avers.

Despite sustaining critical injuries, Mr. Aitiana’s fight was far from over.

The robbers, undeterred by his valiant resistance, subjected him to further brutality, leaving him bloodied and broken.

“They struck me with the revolver’s butt, shattering my lower jaw,” he remarks.

Left for dead by the callous assailants, Mr. Aitiana was left to fend for himself as the bus hurried back to the nearest hospital in Purnia.

“There were 45 passengers on the bus, and not a single soul came to my aid. I had to walk to the hospital myself. If they had helped, we could have overpowered the robbers,” he recounts with disappointment.

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The Long Road to Recovery

Representative image of Aitiana AirwingsOwner in Hospital
Representative image.

Miraculously, Mr. Aitiana survived the ordeal, but the road to recovery would prove to be long and arduous.

Due to the severity of his injuries, he was transferred to a hospital in Kolkata the following day.

He underwent three weeks of intensive medical care to mend his shattered body.

Reflecting on the experience, Mr. Aitiana expresses gratitude for his survival, acknowledging that he must have done something good for karma to have spared him.

“It was a katta, a country-made revolver, and I still have pellets from it lodged inside my body. Even after 35 years, the memories of that fateful day linger, sending shivers down my spine,” he recalls solemnly.

What’s the Takeaway of this Story?

Aitiana Airwings Volvo Bus

This story, like many others, stands as a testament to the immense effort and dedication required to build successful business ventures.

It serves as a reminder that behind every flourishing enterprise lies a journey marked by challenges, perseverance, and unwavering commitment.

Behind the sleek Volvos of Aitiana Airwings lies a story of resilience and unwavering determination, often overlooked by many.

Aitiana Airwings’ owner, Mr. Sohan Singh Aitiana’s harrowing experience serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced and overcome in the pursuit of success.

It’s an inspiration to new and aspiring bus operators, enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs alike.

It highlights the indomitable spirit required to turn dreams into reality.

If you find Mr. Aitiana’s indomitable spirit as inspiring as we do, we encourage you to share this article with someone who would appreciate his remarkable journey.

Together, let’s celebrate the resilience of the human spirit and inspire others to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

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