NueGo launches India’s first long-distance electric bus

In recent months, Nue Go has been leading the charge in transforming intercity travel with its fleet of long-distance electric buses.

NueGo launches India's first long-distance electric bus between

NueGo, India’s leading electric bus brand under GreenCell Mobility, has introduced a long-haul seater and sleeper electric bus service along the bustling Chennai-Bengaluru corridor, as announced by a senior executive on Tuesday.

The launch marks a significant stride towards reducing carbon footprint and fostering sustainability in India’s public transportation network.

NueGo’s vision extends beyond this initial route, with plans to expand its footprint, introducing long-haul electric buses on new routes and bolstering charging infrastructure for seamless operations.

Devndra Chawla, Managing Director and CEO of GreenCell Mobility, expressed enthusiasm about NueGo’s pioneering role in revolutionizing intercity travel through electric buses.

“The debut of India’s premier long-distance electric bus service is not just a milestone but a testament to NueGo’s commitment to sustainable mass mobility. Their efforts align with a broader objective of providing innovative solutions that benefit both travelers and the environment,”
Devendra Chawla, Greencell MobilityDevendra Chawla, MD & CEO GreenCell Mobility

In recent months, NueGo has been at the forefront of transforming intercity passenger transport through its fleet of long-distance electric sleeper and seater buses.

With deployments on major routes such as Bengaluru – Chennai, Bengaluru – Coimbatore, Vijaywada – Vizag, Delhi – Jaipur, and Delhi – Amritsar, NueGo is poised for further expansion.

The company’s focus on inclusivity is evident in its active recruitment across genders, a step towards a more diverse workforce.

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NueGo’s Long-Distance Electric Buses

Interior of NueGo sleeper bus. Spacious berths with light colored upholstery and loaded with amenities.
NueGo electric sleeper bus interior view.

Built by one of India’s premier bus body builders Veera Vahana Udyog, NueGo’s electric buses boast a sleek aerodynamic FRP front fascia.

Engineered with passenger safety as a priority, they feature a rollover-resistant structure and a lightweight GI tubular framework, enhancing cruise mileage.

The monocoque chassis design ensures superior handling and stability, promising a smooth and secure journey.

Noteworthy conveniences include electronically adjustable exterior mirrors, lowered passenger step height for easy boarding, and a kneeling option for passengers with mobility challenges.

Inside, passengers are treated to a plush experience with spacious seats (1220mm), soft-touch ABS interiors, and LED ambient lighting.

Individual amenities like night reading lamps and USB charging ports for each berth cater to personal comfort. Advanced safety measures, including a driver monitoring system, passenger saloon cameras, emergency buttons, and fire detection systems, prioritize passenger well-being.

NueGo’s long-distance electric buses epitomize eco-friendly transportation, emitting zero exhaust emissions. Their serene and vibration-free operation, coupled with innovative features like regenerative braking, ensures a tranquil and sustainable journey for all aboard.

NueGo’s operational network spans multiple routes, encompassing key connections such as Bengaluru to Coimbatore, Vijaywada to Vishakapatnam, and Delhi to Jaipur and Amritsar, among others.

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