INTUC Buses to Operate Uninterrupted During Tamil Nadu Transport Strike

Amid the ongoing Tamil Nadu Transport strike, INTUC buses will operate uninterrupted for public benefit during Pongal.

INTUC Buses to Operate Uninterrupted During Tamil Nadu Transport Strike

Tamil Nadu transport unions have declared a strike with a 6-point agenda as talks with the government have concluded unsuccessfully.

However, INTUC buses will operate interrupted, as the AICC-affiliated trade body has declared in a public statement.

It has announced that it will withdraw from the strike in order not to affect the people during the upcoming Pongal festival.

CITU union executive, Chelandararajan, has confirmed that no buses would operate from midnight today.

After failed negotiations, 25 unions within the transport sector initiated the Tamil Nadu Transport Strike on January 9.

Simultaneously, the government is making arrangements to run buses without compromising passenger safety.

Meanwhile, INDUC buses have decided to withdraw from the Tamil Nadu Transport strike. The Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) has stated the following:

“To minimize the impact on the public, we are withdrawing from the strike. Buses will run smoothly, ensuring no inconvenience to passengers during the Pongal festival.”

INTUC has declared that it will not participate in the Tamil Nadu Transport Strike, emphasizing its decision for the benefit of the public during the Pongal festival.

However, the Principal Secretary of the INTUC has communicated that a decision on fulfilling the demands could be considered post-Pongal.

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