Flixbus Urges Increased Participation of Women in the Bus Industry

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Cambridgeshire is celebrating Catch the Bus Month by advocating for greater participation of women in the bus industry. Discover inspiring stories and learn about the invaluable perspectives women bring to this vital sector.

Image of Malgorzata Cieslinska-skrzypczak
driving Flixbus, a fine example of women in the bus industry
Malgorzata Cieslinska-skrzypczak

In Cambridgeshire, bus coach drivers are championing the cause for the participation of more women in the bus industry.

This comes as a part of the Catch the Bus Month by Bus Users.

Swavesey-based Whippet Coaches, who has been successfully operating with FlixBus for the last two years, is at the forefront of addressing the gender imbalance in the industry. And for the right causes.

There is a severe imbalance in the participation of women in the bus industry, in the UK as well as globally.

Surprisingly, only 11% of the UK’s coach and bus drivers are women, as per the Office for National Statistics.

Empowered Drivers Encouraging Women in The Bus Industry

Malgorzata Cieslinska-Skrzypczak, a coach driver for five years, was quoted saying by Route-One, “It’s still perceived as a male-dominated profession, but I want women to know that it’s never too late to get a license! I began after my children had left home, and it’s been a tremendous privilege to hit the road and connect with new people.”

“One of the fantastic perks of driving for our partner, FlixBus, is that you receive complimentary tickets to explore their global network during your time off. Personally, I adore traveling in my free time – I’m heading to Paris on FlixBus with some friends I’ve made here at work for Christmas, and I’m eagerly looking forward to it.”

Liubove’s husband, James, shares the same affection for the job as a coach driver. He expresses, “The view from the office window is constantly changing, and you have the opportunity to meet a wide array of individuals.”

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Liubove Simpson, an international coach driver, adds, “You need to have a passion for driving, but after you’ve received the proper training, driving a coach is straightforward. One thing you realize about this profession is that people may venture into other fields, but they are consistently drawn back to driving because they miss it so much.”

Nicoletta Gennaro, Head of Marketing at Ascendal Group, which oversees Cambridgeshire’s Whippet, emphasizes the significant contribution women bring to the bus industry.

Being the first recipient of the MOVE 2023 Women in Mobility Award, she affirms, “Transportation has long been dominated by men, and this needs to evolve. It’s crucial to encourage women to pursue careers in this field, allowing them to experience the fulfillment it offers.”

Flixbus Urges Increased Participation of Women in the Bus Industry. Image of a VDL Flixbus driven by Malgorzata Cieslinska-skrzypczak
PC: Flixbus

Hayley Russell, FlixBus’ Team Lead of Operations, is a strong advocate for increased representation of women in the bus industry.

She affirms, “We truly value the positive experiences shared by Whippet drivers like Meg and Liubove, both of whom receive outstanding feedback from our customers. This underscores the significance of having women in the driver’s seat.”

“Women bring a distinct perspective and insight into the passenger experience, which is crucial for ensuring journeys feel secure and inclusive for everyone.”

Surprisingly, only 11% of the UK’s coach and bus drivers are women, as per the Office for National Statistics.

The call to encourage the participation of women in the bus industry as bus drivers or in any capacity is a commendable initiative. inflatable castle

It addresses a gender imbalance in an industry where women are currently underrepresented.

By showcasing the positive experiences and perspectives of female bus drivers, it aims to break down stereotypes and inspire more women to consider this career path.

Overall, this call has the potential to make a positive impact on diversifying the bus-driving profession.

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