Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident: What We Know So Far About the 52-seater Bus Crash

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A major Cleddau Bridge bus accident in Pembrokeshire caused injuries and driver entrapment. Emergency response and road closures ensued.

Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident: What We Know So Far About the 52-seater Bus Crash
Photograph: Martin Cavaney

A major incident unfolded on the Cleddau Bridge in Pembrokeshire, Wales, when a 52-seater bus crashed into a car, resulting in multiple injuries and the bus driver becoming severely trapped.

This incident has prompted a significant emergency response and has raised concerns about public safety and the state of the bridge itself.

The Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident: What Actually Happened?

The Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident transpired on a fateful afternoon at approximately 2:15 PM when a 52-seater bus, traveling on the A477 road over the Cleddau Bridge in Pembrokeshire, collided with a private motor vehicle.

This collision resulted in significant damage and left many bus passengers with various injuries.

The Severity of the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident

The severity of the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident is underscored by the fact that the bus driver was severely trapped within the wreckage.

Fire crews from multiple areas, including Pembroke Dock, Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, Tenby, and Narberth, were swiftly dispatched to the scene.

Their immediate priority was to extract the trapped driver while providing essential first aid to the injured passengers.

10 passengers were injured and one died. The injured were rushed to nearby medical facilities.

Emergency Response and Airlift

The Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident: Picture of the 52-seater Bus that Crashed
Photograph: Martin Cavaney

The emergency response to the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident was swift and comprehensive.

In addition to the fire crews, the Wales Air Ambulance and Dyfed Powys Police were also involved in the efforts to manage the situation.

Firefighters worked diligently to free the trapped driver, and once freed, the driver was airlifted to a hospital for critical care.

Hospitalizations and Injuries of The 52-seater Bus Crash in Pembrokeshire

The Welsh Ambulance Service revealed that ten individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment following the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident.

These hospitalizations included the severely trapped bus driver, who required urgent medical attention.

Several bus passengers, who suffered various injuries, were transported to hospitals by road ambulances and police vehicles.

The Aftermath of theCleddau Bridge Bus Accident Closure of A477 and Traffic Disruption

In response to the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident, authorities found it necessary to close the A477 road between Pembroke Dock and Haverfordwest in both directions at the Cleddau Bridge.

This closure caused significant traffic disruption, prompting authorities to advise commuters to seek alternative routes to avoid delays.

NHS Wales Guidance

The Hywel Dda Health Board issued an urgent request for the public to reserve A&E services at Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest exclusively for individuals with life-threatening illnesses or serious injuries.

This measure aimed to ensure that medical staff could efficiently allocate resources to those involved in the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident.

Public Concerns and Reactions to the Pembrokeshire Bus Crash

The Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident has generated widespread concern among the public. Many people took to social media platforms to express their thoughts and well wishes.

Local Senedd member Samuel Kurtz commended the emergency services for their prompt response.

At the same time, individuals like Lauren Joseph shared their experiences of being impacted by the traffic diversion caused by the bridge closure.

Political Response to the Pembrokeshire Bus Crash

Wales’ First Minister, Mark Drakeford, also commented on the Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident via Twitter, expressing his concern and gratitude for the first responders and emergency services involved in the ongoing response efforts.

Update as of September 6, 2023

As authorities work diligently to address the situation and investigate the causes of this unfortunate incident, the public remains vigilant, hoping for a swift recovery for those injured and answers regarding the circumstances leading to this accident.

In the wake of this unfortunate Cleddau Bridge Bus Accident, our commitment to keeping you informed remains unwavering.

Our dedicated team of reporters is diligently tracking developments, and we will continue to provide timely updates as new information emerges.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by this incident, and we stand ready to deliver the latest news as it unfolds.

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