Watch: Cuddalore School Bus Fire Video – 14 Students Escape Unscathed

Since the incident happened, the Cuddalore school bus fire video has gone viral on social media platforms.

Cuddalore School Bus Fire Video has gone viral

Parangipettai, October 27: In a heart-stopping incident near Parangipettai, Cuddalore district, a school bus carrying 14 students burst into flames in the middle of the road on Thursday morning.

However, due to the swift action of the driver, the bus was quickly evacuated and all the 14 students escaped unscathed.

What Actually Happened?

The private school bus, en route from Parangipettai to Chidambaram, had picked up 14 students from their homes.

As the bus reached Theethampalayam Bypass road, driver V. Murgan, 52, noticed thick smoke emanating from the dashboard’s electric wiring.

He quickly stopped the bus and evacuated all the students averting a tragedy.

Swift Action Saves Lives in the Cuddalore School Bus Fire Incident

Murgan’s quick thinking and decisive action played a crucial role in preventing a potential disaster. He promptly brought the bus to a halt and directed the students to evacuate immediately.

Within seconds, all occupants managed to disembark from the bus, escaping unharmed. Meanwhile, the fire spread and unfortunately, the blaze rapidly consumed the bus, exacerbated by a strong breeze.

Alerted by local residents and onlookers, fire and rescue services, along with the police, swiftly arrived at the scene. After an hour-long battle, the fire was successfully extinguished.

What Caused the Cuddalore School Bus Fire Incident?

Prima facie, it is suspected that a short circuit in the bus’ electrical system sparked the fire. The electrical short circuit in the bus’s dashboard wiring resulted in the emergence of thick smoke.

However, an investigation into the exact cause of the bus fire is still on.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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