Man Steals TSRTC Bus, Collects Fare, and Flees in Siddipet

A Siddipet man steals TSRTC bus and drives it towards Hyderabad posing as the driver of the bus. However, passengers began to question his limited driving abilities and after the bus ran out of fuel, he blew his cover.

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A startling incident unfolded at Siddipet bus station, where an imposter cunningly posed as a Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) driver, taking control of a bus bound for Jubilee Bus Station.

The Siddipet bus thief not only managed to steal a TSRTC bus but also commenced transporting passengers towards Hyderabad, having collected fares.

However, his limited driving proficiency and the eventual fuel depletion led to his exposure, leaving passengers to realize they had unwittingly been taken on an unexpected journey by a thief.

Man Steals TSRTC Bus: How the Events Transpired

At about 4 AM as a TSRTC bus originating from Sircilla paused for dinner at the Siddipet New Bus Stand, an unknown individual discreetly entered, swiftly occupying the driver’s seat.

With passengers already on board, he confidently took charge posing as the driver of the bus and started driving the bus towards Hyderabad.

Passenger Apprehension

A conspicuous absence of a conductor raised suspicions among the passengers, who queried the driver.

The thief assured everyone that the conductor would join them later. Although he was very confident in his answers, his assurance did little to assuage their concerns.

As his driving grew erratic, doubts about his legitimacy as an RTC driver intensified.

The Unplanned Halt

Ultimately, at Jillella Crossroad in Sircilla district, the imposter’s escapade took an unexpected turn.

The bus veered off the road, sputtering to a halt due to depleted fuel.

Seizing the opportunity, the impersonator fled the scene, leaving passengers bewildered.

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The Discovery of the Disappearance

Meanwhile, the actual RTC driver, upon returning to the bay, was met with a startling sight – the bus, along with its passengers, had vanished.

Although he was bewildered, he kept his cool and he alerted his superiors about the perplexing disappearance.

Swift Resolution

Authorities at TSRTC’s Siddipet branch promptly filed a complaint with local law enforcement.

Thanks to vigilant passengers who captured the incident on camera, the imposter was swiftly identified and apprehended.

As per the police, the accused has been identified as Bandala Raju.

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