The Best Bus Body Builders in Gujarat in 2024 – A Complete List

Are you looking to build your new bus in Gujarat? Well, we bring to you a comprehensive list of the best bus body builders in Gujarat as of 2023.

Whether you want to build an AC sleeper bus, a non-AC seater bus, or a hybrid Sleeper Seater bus, you can safely head to any of these bus body builders in Gujarat and can be assured of the quality they have to offer.

List of the Best Bus Body Builders in Gujarat.

Gujarat has one of the most unique growth stories in India. The state’s innate entrepreneurial nature and favorable industrial policies have helped it to be the home of a diverse set of industries. 

And the bus body building industry in Gujarat is no different. 

Gujarat is home to some of the best bus body builders in India. The coach building industry in Gujarat is mainly distributed in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Kheda, Bareja, and Gandhinagar. 

This list contains bus body builders based on their popularity and the number of buses produced in the last two years.

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Kirti Coach Builders, Pinglaj

Sleeper bud built by Kirti Coach Builders, one of the best bus body builders in Gujarat

Kirti Coach Builders was formed in 2010 with a mission to design and manufacture cost-effective, high-quality bus bodies that have a special style and engineering methods while maintaining standards of reliability.

They are famous for a wide range of sleeper buses and are known for their impressive track record of on-time deliveries and bus body after-sales service to continue their commitment to customer satisfaction. 

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Shree Sai Coach Builders, Ahmedabad

Sleeper bus built by  Shree Sai Coach Builders, Ahmedabad , one of the best bus body builders of Gujarat

Sai Coach was started in the year 1995 by Vishnubhai Oja as an entrepreneurial venture to build some of the best luxury buses in India.

Today the company is reckoned as one of the best bus body builders in Gujarat.

With clients ranging from Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Shree Sai Coach has established itself as one of the top bus body builders in North India.

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Satyanarayan Coach Builders, Ahmedabad

Sleeper bus Built by Satyanarayan Coach Builders, Ahmedabad

Satyanarayan Coachbuilders in Ahmedabad is known for delivering high-quality bus bodies at affordable prices.

Over the years, the company has earned the reputation of delivering durable bus bodies that are maintenance-free.

Satyanarayan Coach Builders also specialize in converting Mercedes Benz and Volvos into luxury sleeper coaches and are known for their Bharat Benz sleeper bus interiors.

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MB Motor Body Builders, Gandhinagar

Rudraksh Seater bus Built By MB Motor Bodies

Established by Babulal Sharma, MB Motor Body Builders is probably the most trusted name in the bus body building industry in Gujarat.

The company is known for building bus bodies keeping in mind the deplorable road conditions of India.

Bus bodies built by MB Motor Body Builders are highly durable, aesthetically appealing, and feature the latest in sleeper bus interiors.

Owing to all these advantages, the company enjoys patronage of a wide range of clients across the country. 

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Surendra & Co., Ahmedabad

Seater Bus Built By Surendra & Co., Ahmedabad

Launched in 1985, Surendra and Co., immediately received a good standing among fleet operators of India for its excellent bus bodies.

With their aesthetically pleasing designs, Surendra & Co., is considered one of the best bus body builders in Gujrat.

Surendra and Co.’s high-quality bus coach bodies have helped them garner a long list of clients over the years.

The company also has the distinction of being the partner of choice for Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) for the last 16 years.

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Megha Coach Builders, Ahmedabad

Staff bus built by Megha Coach Builders Ahmedabad

Megha Coach Body Builders was founded by Ravi S Sharma, a young entrepreneur in 2003.

Born to a family of bus body builders, Sharma’s experience in the field of coach bus body building spanned more than 20 years before he started Megha Cach Builders in Ahmedabad.

The company’s contemporary designs and attention to detail have helped it garner a wide range of consumers across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and a few other states of India. 

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Shivam Motor Body Builders, Ahmedabad

Seater buses by Shivam Motor Body Builders, Ahmedabad

Founded by Sitaram Jangid, Shivam Motor Body Builders Ahmadabad is a young and dynamic bus body builder in Gujarat.

The company is known for its strong bus body structures as well as its modern bus designs.

Along with bus body building, the company also offers repair and conversion of Volvo into sleeper buses.

Although a young company, Shivam Motor Body Builders, Ahmedabad has established itself as one of the best bus body builders in Gujarat due to its commitment to timely delivery. 

Shree Dharamraj Motor Body Works, Vadodara

AC Sleeper bus built by Shree Dharamraj Motor Body Works

Established by Bherulal Lohar, Shree Dharamraj Motor Body Works ranks among the best bus body builders in Vadodara, Gujarat.

What sets the company apart from its peers is its futuristic designs. Unlike most other bus body builders in this list, the company follows a design template that’s more relevant to South East Asian countries like Indonesia. 

What do you think of our list?

Do you think we missed any bus body builders in Gujarat? 

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