Under The Hood: Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat’s Bullet Bus

Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat Bullet Bus side view

The Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat bullet bus has gained quite a reputation over the last few months for its unique looks.

The unique aerodynamic design, which is a rare sight in India, quickly made the bus viral across social media platforms after it was launched in November 2023.

While bullet buses are common in our neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, Shree Balaji Travels claims to be the first travel company in India to introduce a metro-style AC sleeper bus.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat’s unique bus, which has been touted to be the first bullet bus in India.

What is it called a Bullet Bus?

Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat Bullet Bus front and read images

Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat’s bullet bus gets its name from its sleek and distinctive aerodynamic bus body design that sets it apart from regular buses in India.

It resembles a bullet train, with a streamlined body designed to minimize air resistance and offer a smoother, faster ride as well as increased fuel efficiency.

“It’s a very unique-looking bus. We haven’t seen anything like it in India yet. Since it looks like a bullet train, people started calling it the bullet bus,” says Vishnu Kumar Dhaka, owner of Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat.

The name stuck and soon the company witnessed a surge in demand for the bus.

“It’s a catchy, memorable name and instantly conveys the bus’s unique features and luxurious appeal. Moreover, the name “Bullet Bus” evokes a sense of speed and power which perfectly aligns with our focus on faster travel times. Overall, it helped us stand out from the competition and attract potential customers seeking a faster and more luxurious travel experience,” he adds.

A bus with optimal aerodynamics . .

The concept was to design a bus with optimal aerodynamics for excellent fuel efficiency, a goal successfully realized with the bullet bus. Presently, we are achieving an impressive mileage of approximately 6 km per liter.
Vishnu Kumar Dhaka, Owner, Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat

Bullet Bus Chassis Specifications

The bullet bus is built on Eicher Pro 3010 L chassis

The bullet bus has been built on the Eicher Pro 3010 L chassis and features a 5260 mm wheelbase and an overall length of 10159 mm.

The Eicher Pro 3010 L chassis stands out for its robust construction using domex® material, coupled with a quiet and easily maintained parabolic suspension featuring an Anti-roll bar, radial tires, and an array of advanced features.

Powered by the cutting-edge E494 engine and ET40S6 transmission, the BSVI-compliant chassis delivers impressive performance.

A versatile choice for various applications, the chassis features exceptional fuel efficiency, combined with reduced maintenance expenses, which contributes to enhanced profitability for all stakeholders.

Specifications of the Eicher Pro 3010 L Chassis

Wheelbase5260 mm
Overall Length10159 mm
Overall Width2226 mm
Engine Make E494
Displacement (cc)3770
Power120 kW @ 2600rpm
Torque500 Nm @ 1200-1800rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity160 litres
Suspension FrontParabolic With ARB  
Suspension RearParabolic

Bus Body And Amenities Details

Image of Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat bullet bus

Built by Shyam Coach, Jodhpur, the bullet bus is a fully air-conditioned sleeper bus featuring 26 sleeper berths in a 2×1 layout.

The bullet bus incorporates an exceptionally aerodynamic design, complemented by luxurious interiors. The generously sized sleeper berths prioritize comfort and provide an elevated level of privacy through the inclusion of shutters.

The bus also provides the following amenities:

  • Reading Lights
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Emergency Contact Number
  • Charging Point
  • Live Tracking
  • Water Bottle
  • Blankets
  • Deep Cleaned Buses

Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat Bullet Bus Route

Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat’s bullet bus operates along the Phalodi-Bengaluru route, traversing through Rajasthan‘s key cities such as Jodhpur and Ahmedabad.

The route extends further, connecting Surat, Mumbai, Pune, and Kolhapur, providing a comprehensive travel network.

The bus takes approximately 40 hours to cover the 2,100 km route.

Online Booking Facility

The bullet bus can be booked on the official Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat bus booking site. Tickets can also be booked online from their official Android app.

For any assistance, the company can be reached at the following helpline numbers:

  • 8890754336
  • 8233224336

In conclusion, Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat’s Bullet Bus has emerged as a distinctive and innovative addition to India’s travel landscape.

Its unique aerodynamic design, reminiscent of a bullet train, has not only garnered attention on social media but also stands as a testament to the commitment of Shree Balaji Travels Lohawat to redefine the standards of travel.

Named for its sleek appearance and streamlined features, the Bullet Bus lives up to its name, offering a smoother ride, increased fuel efficiency, and a memorable travel experience.

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