TMT Bus Route 152 Timing: Electric Buses from Hiranandani Estate to Thane (E)

TMT Bus Route 152 Timing: Electric Buses from Hiranandani Estate to Pune (E)
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In a significant move towards sustainable urban transportation, Thane Municipal Transport (TMT) has introduced electric buses along the route from Hiranandani Estate to Thane Railway Station (East), designated as Route No. 152.

The initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions and enhance the commuting experience for residents in the area.

Following a successful trial phase, these electric buses are expected to be upgraded to air-conditioned (AC) buses, providing passengers with added comfort during their daily travels.

Commencing from December 18th, the TMC plans to operate 12 daily trips along this route, facilitating seamless connectivity between Hiranandani Estate and Thane Railway Station.

The electric buses will commence their journey from Haldiram Restaurant, Solus Building, and adhere to a pre-determined schedule to ensure commuter punctuality and reliability.

TMT Bus Route 152 Timing

The scheduled timings for the service are as follows:

From Hiranandani Estate to Thane Railway Station (East)From Thane Railway Station (East) to Hiranandani Estate
6:00 AM5:05 AM
7:00 AM6:05 AM
7:50 AM6:55 AM
9:00 AM8:00 AM
10:20 AM9:20 AM
11:30 AM10:30 AM
3:00 PM2:00 PM
4:00 PM3:00 PM
5:30 PM4:00 PM
6:30 PM6:30 PM
7:30 PM9:30 PM
8:30 PM

TMT Bus Route 152 Stoppages

The electric bus service will make stops at various locations along the route, including Gavdevi, Swami Vivekanand Chowk, Dhyansadhana College, and Teen Haat Naka.

Passengers can expect convenient access to key landmarks such as Nitin Company, Siddeshwar Talav, Cadbury Junction, and Jupiter Hospital during their journey.

List of TMT Bus Route 152 Stoppages

Thane(E) GavdeviSwami Vivekanand Chowk
Dhyansadhana CollegeTeen Haat Naka
Nitin CompanySiddeshwar Talav
Cadbury JunctionJupiter Hospital
Majiwada NakaKpubawdi
Tatvagyan VidyapeethManpada
Ajadnagar NakaPatlipada
Commissioner BungalowSri Ma School
Forest Avenue(Arcadia)Gold Croft
Bayer Circle Rodas(Solus)New Horizon School

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  1. It seems for TMT Bus Route 152 timings and frequency has changed. Can anyone publish the new time table

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