Revealed: Price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter AC sleeper bus

The price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter AC sleeper bus is around Rs 70 lakhs. This comprehensive guide delves into the cost breakdown, exploring factors affecting the final price (chassis, body, negotiation) and offering valuable tips for informed decision-making.

Price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter AC sleeper bus. Image of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter sleeper bus operated by Barde Roadlines.
Ashok Leyland 13.5 Meter Sleeper Bus Operated by Barde Roadlines. Source: Hemant Autoclickz.

Long-distance travel is booming in India, and comfortable sleeper buses are leading the charge.

If you’re a new operator looking to enter this exciting market, understanding the cost of your vehicle is crucial to making an informed decision that sets your business up for long-term success.

This article delves into the key factors affecting the price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter AC sleeper bus, India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer renowned for its reliable and efficient sleeper buses.

What Determines the Price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 Meter AC Sleeper Bus?

The price of an Ashok Leyland AC sleeper bus hinges on two main components:

  • Chassis Price: This refers to the price of the Ashok Leyland bus chassis, which includes the engine, drivetrain, axles, and suspension.
  • Bus Body Price: This encompasses the cost of building the sleeper cabin and all its components onto the chassis.

Ashok Leyland 13.5 Meter Chassis Price

Image of Ashok Leyland 13.5 Meter Chassis  with driveline, driver seats.

The chassis price serves as the cornerstone of the overall sleeper bus price.

Among the range of 13.5-meter chassis options offered by Ashok Leyland, there are several variants available.

However, this article will focus on the variant with rear air suspension and without retarder, which is one of the most popular chassis for Indian sleeper buses. 

As of May 2024, Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter bus chassis price is approximately ₹38 lakhs in Delhi, including 1% TDS. Expect the chassis price to vary slightly across states.

Remember, negotiation is a key aspect of securing the best deal.

When you get a price for the chassis from Ashok Leyland dealerships, think of it as a starting point. Your ability to bargain well will significantly affect the final price you pay for the chassis.

Sleeper Bus Body Cost

Once you have your chassis, it’s time to craft the passenger comfort zone – the sleeper bus body.

India is home to a vast variety of bus body builders – from established players known for their aesthetic designs and premium quality to unorganized local players, where pricing might be the most competitive, but quality may vary.

For this article, we’ll focus on Tier 1 bus body builders to ensure the highest standards of quality and passenger safety.

You can go through the list of such builders in our article on the best bus body builders in India.

We’ll also consider a standard format for the 13.5-meter Ashok Leyland sleeper bus body – a 36-berth layout in a 2×1 configuration.

As of May 2024, the price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter AC sleeper bus body with 36 berths in 2×1 layout is around Rs 31 to Rs 32 lakhs. This price is inclusive of the bus air conditioning system.

However, this is not a fixed price.

You have to understand that bus body building is a bespoke job – – the more you customize, the higher the price tag.

It’s like ordering a pizza. The more toppings you add, the higher the price.

Also, just like the chassis, the quoted price for the sleeper bus body from your bus body builder is negotiable.

Your negotiation skills can significantly impact the final price you pay for the bodywork.

Sleeper Bus Inside View
Interior of a luxurious sleeper bus by Sahara Coach.

For enhanced customer experience, you can opt for a wide range of amenities beyond the basic features, such as:

  • Premium quality mattresses and upholstery
  • Advanced entertainment systems
  • Ambient LED lighting
  • Onboard washroom, etc.

To Wrap Up

Understanding the factors that influence the price of an Ashok Leyland 13.5 meter AC sleeper bus empowers you to make informed decisions.

While the base price might range from Rs 69 lakhs to Rs 71 lakhs (chassis + sleeper bus body), it can vary depending on your customization choices and negotiation skills.

Remember, the initial investment paves the way for your long-term success in the bus service industry.

So, conduct thorough research, negotiate effectively, and choose the features that best suit your target audience.

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