Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Timings 2024 | Online Booking Options

Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Timings, Route, Ticket Fare, Online Booking

Traveling from Tirumala to Tirupati by bus is straightforward and highly preferred by many pilgrims.

With APSRTC buses operating every 2 minutes from various points in Tirumala and free bus services offered by TTD, the trip between these holy sites is both easy and efficient.

This article will provide you with detailed Tirumala to Tirupati bus timings, along with all the necessary information for your journey.

We will cover everything from fare details and online booking options to the different bus stations in Tirumala, ensuring you find the best route to meet your needs and preferences.

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Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Key Information

The table below presents a thorough guide to the Tirumala to Tirupati bus route, this overview encapsulates key details essential for travelers.

Covering aspects such as boarding points, frequency of service, operational hours, ticket fares, travel distance, available bus services, contact information, and online booking options, this comprehensive outline aims to facilitate a seamless journey for pilgrims and tourists alike.

Distance20 km
Time Taken1 hour
Boarding PointsRambagicha Bus Stand, Tirumala (Starting Point)
First Bus Timing3 AM
Last Bus Timing10:15 PM
Available BusesAPSRTC Non-AC buses and APSRTC AC Electric Buses
Ticket Fare Non AC (One Way)Rs 90 for Adults and Rs 50 for Children
Ticket Fare Non AC (Round Trip)Rs 160 for Adults and Rs 90 for Children
Ticket Fare AC (One Way)Rs 110 for Adults and Rs 80 for Children
Ticket Fare AC (Round Trip)Rs 200 for Adults and Rs 150 for Children
Online BookingAvailable for APSRTC Green Saptagiri AC buses
Contact Information74169 49158 (Rambagicha Bus Station-Tirumala)

Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Route

Unlike the Tirupati to Tirumala bus, the return bus from Tirumala to Tirupati doesn’t stop at any stations. The bus starts at Rambagicha Bus Stand, Tirumala, and drops off passengers at the Sri Venkateswara Bus Station which is right outside the Tirupati Railway Station.

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Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Timings

The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) operates regular buses from Tirumala to Tirupati, facilitating the pilgrimage to the revered Tirumala Venkateswara Temple.

As of May 2024, APSRTC provides two types of services for pilgrims’ convenience: non-AC buses with a 3+2 seating layout and APSRTC Green Saptagiri electric AC buses with a 2+2 seating layout.

For APSRTC Non-AC buses from Tirumala to Tirupati, There’s a breakdown of the timings and details:

  • Frequency: Buses operate frequently throughout the day, ensuring a new bus departs approximately every 3-4 minutes during peak hours, minimizing waiting time for pilgrims.
  • First and Last Bus: The first bus from Tirumala to Tirupati sets off early in the morning, around 3:00 AM. Typically, the last bus departs Tirumala in the evening, approximately at 10:15 PM. However, during festivals and special occasions, bus schedules may extend beyond these hours to accommodate increased passenger traffic.

Tirumala to Tirupati AC Bus Timing

APSRTC Green Saptagiri Electric AC Buses in Tirupati Railway Station bus stand waiting to depart to Tirumala.

APSRTC runs five electric buses from Tirumala to Tirupati on a daily basis. Here is the complete Tirumala to Tirupati AC bus timing:

Bus NumberDepartureArrival
APSRTC – 485108:30 AM09:30 AM
APSRTC – 556609:00 AM10:00 AM
APSRTC – 485512:30 PM01:30 PM
APSRTC – 485705:30 PM06:30 PM
APSRTC – 485906:30 PM07:30 PM

All these five buses depart from the Rambagicha Bus Stand in Tirumala and the journey ends at the Sri Venkateswara Bus Station which is right outside the Tirupati Railway Station.

During Brahmotsavam and on important occasions like New Year’s Day, buses ply round the clock with a frequency of one bus every minute.

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Online Booking Options

While TTD buses and non-AC buses between Tirupati and Tirumala cannot be booked online, the APSRTC Green Saptagiri electric AC buses offer online booking options. These buses can be reserved through both redBus and APSRTC’s official website and apps.

Tirumala to Tirupati Ticket Fare

As of May 2024, the fare for a single bus ticket from Tirumala to Tirupati stands at Rs 90 for adults and Rs 50 for children. However, passengers can avail of a discounted rate for round-trip tickets, priced at Rs 160 for adults and Rs 90 for children.

These round-trip tickets remain valid for three days from the date of purchase, granting travelers the flexibility to board any APSRTC bus returning to Tirupati within the specified period.

For travelers opting for AC buses, the ticket price per individual is Rs 85, inclusive of taxes, for both adults and children. Additionally, there is a 10% discount available on round-trip fares, reducing the cost to Rs 200 for adults and Rs 150 for children.

Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Timings FAQs

What are the last bus timings from Tirumala to Tirupati?

The last bus from Tirumala to Tirupati departs at 10:15 PM.

When are the bus timings from Tirumala to Tirupati during the night?

Buses continue to operate from Tirumala to Tirupati until 10:15 PM.

What are the morning bus timings from Tirumala to Tirupati?

Buses commence their services at 3:00 AM in the morning from Tirumala to Tirupati.

How long does it take to travel from Tirumala to Tirupati by bus?

The travel time from Tirupati to Tirumala by bus is approximately 1 hour.

When is the first bus from Tirumala to Tirupati?

The first bus starts at 3:00 AM in the morning.

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