Tata Ace EV 1000 Launched: Know Range and Specifications

Tata Ace EV 1000 Launched

Tata Motors has unveiled the Tata Ace EV 1000, a game-changer in last-mile mobility solutions. Designed to redefine eco-friendly cargo transportation, this cutting-edge mini-truck boasts a remarkable payload capacity of 1 tonne and an impressive certified range of 161km on a single charge.

Developed in close collaboration with customers, this new variant caters to the evolving demands of sectors like FMCG, beverages, paints & lubricants, LPG & dairy.

Backed by a robust network of over 150 Electric Vehicle Support Centres nationwide, the Tata Ace EV 1000 is equipped with state-of-the-art features including an advanced battery management system, Fleet Edge telematics system, and durable aggregates ensuring unmatched uptime.

Leveraging the vast capabilities of the Tata UniEVerse and strategic partnerships with leading financiers, Tata Motors offers customers a comprehensive e-cargo mobility solution.

The Tata Ace EV 1000 will be available with versatile cargo decks and accessible for purchase at all Tata Motors commercial vehicle dealerships across the country.

Powered by the advanced EVOGEN powertrain, the Tata Ace EV 1000 promises an unparalleled driving experience, backed by a 7-year battery warranty and a 5-year comprehensive maintenance package.

With advanced features like a battery cooling system and regenerative braking, it ensures safe and efficient operations in all weather conditions.

Offering regular and fast charging capabilities for maximum uptime, the Tata Ace EV 1000 is equipped with a 27kW (36hp) motor delivering 130Nm of peak torque, ensuring exceptional pickup and grade-ability even in fully loaded conditions.

Tata Ace EV 1000 Specifications

The Tata Ace EV 1000 is equipped with cutting-edge features designed to revolutionize last-mile mobility. Here are some key specifications of this eco-friendly mini-truck:

Payload Capacity1 tonne
Range on Single Charge161 km
Motor27kW (36hp)
Peak Torque130Nm
Battery Warranty7 years
Maintenance Package5-year comprehensive
Charging CapabilitiesRegular and fast charging
Advanced FeaturesBattery cooling system, regenerative braking

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