Rohini Bus Accident Update: Delhi Transport Department Stands By Grieving Family

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Authorities have confirmed that the Rohini bus accident was caused after the driver suffered an epileptic seizure.

Rohini Bus Accident

On November 4, 2023, a Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) low-floor electric bus collided with over a dozen vehicles, killing a pedestrian and severely injuring another. The tragic event unfolded at around 2:45 PM near Vishram Chowk in Awantika, Rohini.

CCTV cameras capturing the Rohini bus accident reveal the bus making contact with several vehicles one after another. Most of the vehicles were two-wheelers and were heavily damaged.

The bus driver, identified as Sandeep Kumar, was apprehended at the scene.

Cause of the Rohini Bus Accident

Sandeep Kumar, the bus driver, informed the police that he suffered a seizure due to epilepsy, a neurological condition.

After dropping off passengers in Rohini, Kumar was en route to the depot when the accident occurred. His medical examination confirmed the presence of epilepsy, as he had stated, according to the police.

The statement clarified that the driver suddenly lost consciousness, resulting in a loss of control over the bus and the subsequent collision with vehicles parked on the left side of the road.

The police reported that the bus first collided with a Maruti Swift and subsequently struck an e-rickshaw, along with numerous two-wheelers parked along the roadside.

Thankfully, there were no passengers on the bus when the accident transpired, as reported by news agency PTI.

Casualties of the Accident

A pedestrian lost his life on the spot, and another individual suffered severe injuries. The deceased is yet to be identified, while the injured party, identified as Ram Sharma, a resident of Rohini Sector 3, was promptly taken to the hospital due to a head injury, according to PTI.

First DTC Electric Low-Floor Bus Accident

This incident marks the first fatal crash involving an electric low-floor DTC bus since its introduction into the city’s public transport fleet, as stated by the police.

A detailed investigation is underway, and the bus driver’s statement has been recorded to verify the sequence of events.

Delhi Transport Department Issues Statement: Calls the Incident “Unfortunate”

In response to the incident, the Delhi government’s Transport Department expressed deep regret and sympathy for the affected family.

It described the Rohini bus accident as “unfortunate” and affirmed its strong support for the grieving family.

“It’s unfortunate to know that such an incident happened. The Delhi government is resolutely standing with the grieving family,” as stated in the Delhi Government’s Transport Department statement.

A senior officer visited the accident spot and also inquired about the injured persons at Dr. BR Ambedkar Hospital.

“As far as malfunctioning machines is concerned, the Delhi Government has a set of standard procedures to ensure safe and hassle-free travel in the city,” the statement highlighted.

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