Latest News on Robin Bus: Kerala MVD Seizes Vehicle Again Over Permit Violations

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Stay informed with the latest news on Robin Bus issue as Kerala MVD seizes the vehicle again over permit violations today. Get real-time updates on the ongoing controversy and legal actions.

Latest News on Robin Bus Kerala MVD Seizes Vehicle Again Over Permit Violations

In the most recent developments surrounding Robin Bus, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) executed another seizure, this time around 2 am today on November 24.

This drastic action was taken due to continuous violations of the permit. As per MVD officials, the bus violated its terms of permit by picking up and dropping off passengers at different locations.

Officials assert that as a bus holding AITP can only ferry pre-booked passengers from one point to another.

Read this if you want to know whether a bus with All India Tourist Permit or Contract Carriage permit can pick up and drop off passengers along its way.

The seized bus has been swiftly moved to the Armed Reserve Police Camp, Pathanamthitta .

Motor vehicle department officials, accompanied by a heavy police presence, seized the bus at Ranni during its return journey from Coimbatore to Pathanamthitta around 2 AM on Friday.

A case has been registered against the bus for violating the permit. According to officials, the High Court’s verdict only granted Robin Bus permission to conduct trips with pre-booked passengers.

Many news reports also suggest that the Motor Vehicle Department has initiated the process of canceling the driver’s license.

The vehicle, which departed from Coimbatore on Thursday evening, was seized approximately 250 meters before reaching the Pathanamthitta bus stand.

MVD officials had been trailing the bus from the district border. Upon reaching the bus stand, the bus was seized.

What is the Robin Bus Issue?

Over the last few days, the Kerala MVD has been hounding the Robin bus plying between Coimbatore and Pathanamthitta. The bus has been detained and fined by the MVD almost every day.

In addition, the Tamil Nadu MVD has also impounded the bus once and fined it twice.

In response, bus owner Baby Gireesh has been very resilient and fighting for his right to ply his bus legally.

Consequently, the Robin bus issue has garnered widespread national attention, sparking discussions regarding regulatory practices, procedural transparency, and the potential implications of personal biases in the department’s actions.

We have covered the entire timeline of events surrounding the Robin bus right from the day it started service on October 31. Read it in the article below.

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